♥ Nominate your Favourite Language Blogs ♥

Post Updated: 22-06-17 

Let’s show our blogging love ♥ There are some really awesome language learning blogs out there that deserve our recognition. So once a month I plan to do a poll from all the language learning sites nominated by you.

The monthly winner will be promoted by Language Learners Journal.com and will feature in our hall of fame. At the end of the year, I intend to do another poll for all the monthly winners to find the best language learning blog of 2017 as voted for by you, the language learning community.

What makes this digital award so special? Because the sites are voted for by our valued and wonderful readers, fellow bloggers and language learning enthusiasts! It is not just one person or a few judges making the decision, but a collective of active language enthusiasts.

Please share this post so it can reach as many people as possible. The more nominations the better. The poll will run on social media (Twitter and Facebook) 1st of every month for 7 days. The winners will be notified shortly afterwards. I will accept nominations right up to the 28th of the month. Any votes received after that date will roll on to the next month. Get your nominations in now for the June vote!

Scroll down to see/visit this month’s nominations and previous winners.


You can nominate yourself, but you cannot vote for your own blogs! Sorry, that will be cheating!

You can only nominate up to 3 blogs per month. The monthly winner will be asked to nominate their favourite language learning blog.

Any nominations received after the 28th of the month will go forward for the next month’s poll.

The poll will run for 7 days at the beginning of every month. The winner will be notified shortly afterwards.

Have a site in mind? Send me a quick message or comment below saying the website name, address and why you nominate them.


Nominations for July 2017 

Joy of Languages – The fast and fun way to speak another language.

Speech Hero – Learn how to become an effective linguist.

I Will Teach you a Language –  Study hacks and mind tools for independent language learners.

Nominations for June 2017 

My Love of Mornings– A blog about getting up early, language learning, thoughts, and ideas.

WINNER: Polyglots Diary – Tips for language learners and aspiring polyglots.

My Putonghua – A language learning journey into Mandarin.

French Lover – A blog by a language teaching expert and passionate polyglot.

And the winner for June with 46% of the votes was … Polyglots DiaryCongratulations. 

Thanks once again to everyone that nominated and voted. It was a difficult call this month as they are all excellent blogs. Well done on being nominated and congratulations to our winner for June.

Nominations for May 2017

Mezzo Guild – Everything you need to know about language learning.

Vagabond – Why I am learning Finish.

SafLearn – Notes on language learning written in traditional Chinese

WINNER: Hitoritabi – I fell in love with the nice infographics and the articles. This blogger integrates songs into her learning and shares great tips about learning Swedish and Japanese.

And the winner for May was… Hitoritabi with a whopping 50% of the votes! Congratulations. 

Thank you to all that nominated and voted. Congratulations to our winner for May. 

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