Trisha Tests: What's 'SULP'?

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I am currently piloting the Step Up to Language Program, #SULP. The program will be aimed at taking my target language of Mandarin to the next level within 90 days. I am currently around  A2 and my goal is to achieve B1. During the challenge, I will be applying positive psychological methods to help me maximise my learning using a more holistic approach. As part of #SULP each week I’ll be recording a short video to show the progress (or lack of) I’m making.

What’s #SULP?

This program is aimed at taking people from whatever language level they are in their target language and getting them to the next level of fluency. How much improvement people make will depend on their own efforts and ability to leave their comfort zone. In the program people will be paired up with study buddies (people who will study the language with you), mentors (polyglots with experience in learning languages to orient you).
There are weekly hangout sessions with experienced polyglots, who will answer questions and share tips and resources to enrich language learning; as well as resources available throughout the program. I am currently using the Sound Fluent in Chinese resource, which for me is working better than Glossika!

The Expectations

–          To Set personal achievable and measurable language learning goals that will be accomplished during the 3 months of the program. My goal is to aim for B1 level in 3 months.
–          To Study between 30mins-1hour, 3-7 days a week. So far I am doing 45 minutes over 7 days.
–          Make a weekly video detailing my progress. You can check out my weekly updates here…
–          To Provide support once a week within the private online communities. For me, I plan to offer advice and guidance in my weekly videos for my target language. I will also be posting brief overviews of certain aspects (background information, grammar point, example phrases, etc.) of some of the other languages I am familiar with.
–         I will ensure that I am in contact with my study buddies and mentored at least three times a week to discuss learning points and/or check on progress.
You can follow my progress on my blog.

*Note: This is a free pilot version I am taking part in and I will be active in giving feedback before the actual program goes live.  All opinions are that of my own.  I am passionate about language learning and always on the look out for putting to the test new resources to use.I put them to the test so you don’t have to. You can then make more informed choices about the language learning resources you invest in.


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