Language Learning Goals: June 2017 #Clear The List

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So here is my goal round-up for June 2017. I am halfway through the Step Up Language Program, #SULP. I have been focusing mainly on Mandarin Chinese.  I will also continue to work on my side project Positively Productive, looking at how positive psychology can be incorporated into language learning.

Last Month:

  • #SULP – I kept a weekly blog and made video updates on my progress. A lot of the videos were uploaded directly to #SULP, but you can check out my blog on learning Mandarin via positive psychological techniques here
  • I launched my own little business coaching motivation, self-esteem, and confidence back in April. It has really taken off and I am supporting a lot of people to get over their initial fears and have that first conversation in their target language. I am still offering FREE 20-minute motivational sessions online. I’m doing 4 an hour twice a week on Skype. So if you are interested, get in touch or check out my services page for more information.
  • My eBook ‘Positively Productive‘ was released as a paperback. The workbook focuses on a more holistic approach to language learning.

This Month’s Goals: 

  • Study Mandarin Chinese for about 45 minutes, 5 days per- week.
  • Learn 5-10 new Chinese characters per day. I am using Chineasy products to help with this.
  • Build vocab – Learn 5-10 new Mandarin words-per-day. I am using Language courses on Udemy.  To help me with this.
  • Ensure I post weekly video/blog updates for #SULP.
  • Help other language learners to the best of my ability. Providing free resources.
  • Relaunching my Chinese Meetup in the local community integrating live Facebook video stream to our group for members that live too far away to meet in person.
  • Use ‘Hello Chinese’ app for at least 5-10 minutes on a daily basis.

Lesson Learnt

Self-realisation on just how rusty my Mandarin has become and on such a short timescale. I have an awareness of what I need to work on this month.

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7 thoughts on “Language Learning Goals: June 2017 #Clear The List

  1. I love goals! Especially language learning ones. Best of luck 🙂

  2. I love how there is always something positive about your monthly goals and how you always give something back to other learners.Good luck for this month!

  3. It is so amazing to see how your business is growing and your followers are increasing. It kind of encourages me with my own plans for the future. I wish you the best for all of your goals and plans for this month!

  4. Congratulations on your business taking off, I love the idea behind it and it’s great you’re striving to help people get more confident.
    Good luck with your goals this month!

  5. Congrats on the success of your new business! Wishing you much continued success with your coaching this month and with your learning goals.

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