#Clear The List: November

Hello everyone. My gosh, October was like I blinked and missed it!  I am taking a much-needed break during November and December from language learning to focus on my online business. Although that said I am taking part in a pretty exciting challenge where I will be putting my language skills to the test…

October Successes


I completed a whole section in Flash Academy for German! 


Our official website for our Mandarin Meetup group is now live (although still under construction), yay! I haven’t been able to meet up due to work commitments, but I have an awesome group facilitator who now runs the group. 💚

Despite being unable to get to meetups I have been brushing up on my Mandarin using Flash Cards.

Other Languages 

After saying Spanish was going to be on hold I actually engaged in some chats this month, but I am pretty rusty and next year I hope to focus mainly on Spanish and Mandarin.

Other Business 

  • My course on Mindful Learning was released towards the end of October and I have 1000+ students enrolled from over 100 different countries, which is awesome!


Hosted by the awesome folks that are Lindsay (Lindsay Does Languages), Kris Broholm (Actual Fluency), Angel Pretot (French Lover), and Shannon Kennedy (Eurolinguiste). The aim is to set and share your language learning goals for a given month and then obviously try your best to achieve them by the end of it.
You can find the full description of Clear the List and how to join it, here.

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2 thoughts on “#Clear The List: November

  1. Well done with your studies in October and congratulations on successfully launching your course! It’s amazing you got so many people involved and I admire you for helping people being more mindful.
    Thank you for sharing information about #CaptureKindness Challenge, I’ll try to join too. I’ll come and check your weekly language related prompts!

    Have a great month of November Trisha!

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