Our Crowdfunding Campaign!

Language Learners Journal is thrilled to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign on 18th January 2018! 

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Empowering independent Language Learning” 

Language Learners Journal is thrilled to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign aimed at promoting and supporting independent language learning. In the UK studies have shown that 3 quarters of adults can not hold a conversation in a foreign language (research by the British Council).  The decline in language learning in the UK is a worry to the British council. The goal of Language Learners Journal is to promote language learning within the UK and support independent learners and even teachers to become more motivated, focused and productive. We value a more holistic approach to learning. This includes the use of simple mindfulness techniques, looking at sleep hygiene, diet and exercise, promoting collaborative study sessions and developing the mindset for success.  Language Learners Journal is written for language learners by language learners, with some support from professional linguistics, polyglots, and psychology graduates too.

Language Learners Journal was created in October 2016 as a supportive blog based in Hampshire with 10 followers. It quickly grew to 200+ followers and founder Trisha Dunbar saw it’s potential and value as a social enterprise that could really benefit others. By December 2017, there were 5000+ followers globally and this number is rapidly increasing across our social media platforms.

Current Projects:

We would like to create the following for our language learning community…

  • Language Learners Amplified Program, #LLAP.  Currently running a successful pilot program, with success being measured on feedback from the 100+ people enrolled. The program runs a supportive community of language learners all with a common goal to get to the next level of fluency in their language within 100 days. Their progress is recorded via video, audio or journal entries every 28 days and there are weekly themes to give focus and direction.
  • Workshops and Events. To promote the benefits of language learning and help develop motivation and mindset for learning new skills in the Portsmouth, Fareham and Gosport areas.

Past Successes:

  • Within a month of its launch in October 2017 our Mindful Learning: How to be more focused and productive course on Udemy had over 1200 students from 100 different countries enrolled and was one of the top mindfulness courses on Udemy.
  • In December Language Learners Journal won an Enabler Award from Entrepreneurial Spark, an acceleration program powered by Natwest Bank.

Over the past year we have grown and now require financial support to help us to continue to manage the day-to-day running costs of our services. Through the Crowdfunding platform, we are hoping to raise over £1500. This investment will go towards recruiting for support, setting up workshops and webinars, producing better quality language learning resources, the creation of certificates and real awards for deserving language learners.

Don’t miss your opportunity to support a British based language learning project focused on self-development and seeing people achieve their true potential. Please consider making a contribution to enable Language Learners Journal to continue to support others through our Language Learners Amplified Program both on and offline.


If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact me at  trisha@languagelearnersjournal.com or on our official Facebook Page.

Investments can be as little as £5 and we are offering some awesome investor perks as a thank you. We will be holding online information evenings for our crowdfunding campaign,  dates TBC. Alternately become a regular supporter and be one of our amazing Patrons from as little as £1 per month!


Language Learners Journal Mission Statement, Values, and Vision

For more information please view our video or email us at Language Learners Journal. 

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