Our Crowdfunding Campaign!

Language Learners Journal is thrilled to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign on 18th January 2018! 

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Empowering independent Language Learning” 

Language Learners Journal is thrilled to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign on 18th January 2018! 

Since formation, Language Learners Journal has released several successful products and digital courses. We are a blog for language learners by language learners with some support from professional linguists, teachers, polyglots, and psychology graduates too. We value a more holistic approach to language learning that focuses on simple mindfulness techniques, community support and developing a growth mindset.

Language Learners Journal launched on Oct 16 and recognizing the blog’s business potential started up in Apr 2017. By Dec 17 we had over 5000 active followers. We are now ready to embark on a new and exciting chapter in our journey with the launch of our brand new project Language Learners Amplified Program, #LLAP.

The project is currently in its pilot stage and has 100+ participants. The free pilot program aims to provide an online language learning community with resources to keep participants motivated and enable productivity. We hope to increase the number of people taking and sticking with learning foreign languages, especially in the UK where only 3 quarters of adults can hold a conversation in a foreign language (research commissioned by the British Council)

Over the past year we have really grown and now require some employees to help us manage the day-to-day running of the services and cover the cost of server hosting and equipment. Through the Crowdfunding platform, we are hoping to raise over £1500. This investment will go towards recruiting part-time staff members,  increasing the overall sales and marketing budgets, improving learning resources, setting up workshops and webinars, the creation of certificates and real awards for top language learners.

Investments can be as little as £5 and we are offering some awesome investor perks as a thank you. Don’t miss your opportunity to support a British based language learning project that focuses on self-development and seeing people achieve their true potential.

We will be holding online information evenings for our crowdfunding campaign,  dates TBC. Alternately become a regular supporter and be one of our amazing Patrons from only £1 per month!

Language Learners Journal Mission Statement, Values, and Vision

For more information please view our video or email us at Language Learners Journal. 

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