Language Learners Journal Partners with LingoHut™ and Scriveremo Publishing


Language Learners Journal is proud to announce our partnership working with LingoHut™ and Sciveremo Publishing. At Language Learners Journal our mission is to empower independent language learning and teaching via a more holistic approach. Promoting good sleep hygiene, diet, and physical wellbeing along with developing the mindset to enable people to become more efficient language learners and teachers. Language Learner’s Journal is planning to offer over 100 free digital coaching hours in 2018 to immigrants struggling to learn a new language due to environmental, social and emotional wellbeing factors.

LingoHut™ is passionate about creating a…
World without language barriers and bringing people together through communication”.
It is a free language service offering 12 different languages with more being added soon! Passionate about supporting people all over the world LingoHut™  recently added

Amharic to their language to learn from library. This will help improve the language skills of Ethiopians moving to a new country. 

“As we become a more interconnected world, strong language skills are an asset that promotes a lifetime of success. We, currently, teach 12 languages to over 50 origin languages, thus helping a wide scope of immigrants throughout the globe. This is why LingoHut™ provides free online language education!”

Kendal, Founder of LingoHut

Scriveremo Publishing produces books and resources on everything language related!
They are dedicated to providing language learning materials, good quality teaching resources, and culture related products. Published 6 times a year,  Parrot Time is a free magazine covering language, linguistics and culture of the world around us.
With our mission statements in mind, we will work together with the common goal of helping independent language learners, students, schools, and teachers to be more efficient in the way in which languages are learned and taught.  Together, we will work hard to ensure language learning is assessable to all with an internet connection.

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Trisha, is the founder of Language Learners An award-winning blog dedicated to empowering and promoting a more mindful approach to independent language learning and teaching across the UK and beyond. Trisha has a professional and academic background in psychology and well-being. She has been practicing mindfulness for over 20 years and has professionally taught CBT-based mindfulness for the past 7 years. You can follow Trisha on her official Facebook Page, Instagram or Twitter accounts to discover how to apply simply mindfulness practices and scientifically proven strategies to your language learning...