How to Find a Mentor Who Shares Your Passions

It’s important to grow as an individual. We all know how important it is to create new goals for the future, but if you can’t believe in yourself or feel directionless, growing on your own can be slow going. A good way to find more meaning and direction is to find a mentor who can offer advice and guidance. If you want to find a mentor who shares your unique passions, there are a few ways to locate the right person within your community.

Join a Group

Join a group in the local area where like-minded individuals spend time together painting, sharing their writing samples, or discussing photography. Joining a group will allow you to find someone who is an expert or more experienced in the craft. You can also make new friends who may be more experienced than you. You can ask to meet with your mentor once a month to discuss the hobby and learn how you can improve to become more skilled in your craft.


Attend Events

Attending events that are centered around your interest will allow you to meet other people and find individuals who can become your mentor. If you have a passion for horseback riding, attend equestrian events where other spectators and trainers are present. If you have a passion for dance or fitness, find a studio that fits your needs and attend local performances and workshops. You’ll meet a lot of instructors, students, and fellow dancers who might be interested in taking you on.


Look Online

Many different resources are available on the Internet, which will allow you to connect with people that have similar interests. If one of your goals is teaching, search for an online k12 school that can guide you on the right training to receive and assist you in applying for a position in the future. Check out forums where you can find answers to questions you might have about your hobby or passion and find the most knowledgeable people you can turn to there.


Enroll in Courses

Whether you enjoy knitting or baseball, you’ll want to receive proper training to grow and learn how tips and tricks. Find courses at local community centers or online that can assist you with your goals. Make it a point to connect with the instructor and ask for mentorship outside of the class to work harder towards your goals. If the instructor doesn’t have any free time in their schedule, they can guide you to other experts who can help.


Working towards your dreams and growing with your passions will require that you get out of your comfort zone and take a risk. By finding a mentor who can help you with each step, you’ll have a support system with someone who is more experienced and has learned from their own mistakes.

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