Announcing My Udemy Course: A Beginners Guide to Holistic Learning

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I am super excited to announce the launch of ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Holistic Learning: Amplify You’re Brain my brand new online Udemy course. 

I struggled with learning at school. Then one day I started to make a real improvement in French. My teacher thought I had been cheating so made me redo my work under close supervision. However, This turned out to be a good thing as they soon realized the progress was coming from me and I got top marks for my work!

So what was going on?

How could I go from bottom to top of the class in less than a year! Well, I had started to apply a more holistic approach to my language learning. This entailed seeing the bigger picture and not solely focusing on grammar books and audio lessons. I had been engaging in real conversations with exchange students, using simple mindfulness techniques and improvements made to my sleeping habits and diet.

Now I want to help you became a successful language learner!

Course Image

A Beginners Guide to Holistic Learning teaches you how to become a more focusedself-aware and motivated student or independent learner. This leads to greater productivity when studying something new such as languages or other subjects like science or maths. This course will also teach you effective ways to reach your goals and implement the right habits and mindset to help you succeed. It is also ideal for teachers who may have students that are struggling to learn via more traditional methods or are very anxious.

So take this course, share this post with your friends and please give me some feedback, because I will be adding more materials and modules based on your input. If you liked the course please leave a rating and write an honest review. 

To enroll: Holistic Learning – Course Overview

In celebration of the course’s launch and reaching a total of over 1200+ students enrolled in my courses, I’m offering a 67%  discount off the original price if you order via this blog. 

(Offer ends 28th March 2018).

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