Summer Language Goals: Clear The List

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Welcome to my latest language learning update through #clearthelist. Hosted by Shannon of Eurolinguiste and Lindsay of Lindsay Does Languages. Clear the List is a monthly support and accountability linkup for language learners who like to set regular language learning goals.

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The official Language Learners Journal notebook and BBC Talk Spanish Complete 

June is the start of the 100 days Language Learner’s Amplified Program and I participating with Spanish and Chinese Mandarin!

Last month when attempting to chat in Spanish with some natives I ended up going French! It was both rather embarrassing, but equally hilarious at the same time. This made me realize that I really need to knuckle down and regain my focus.

I have a strong local accent and struggle with pronunciation. This can be more of a problem with the tonal languages I’m learning, such as Chinese Mandarin. So my main goal over summer is to really focus on my pronunciation of Spanish and Mandarin.  I’ll update this article once a month with the progress I’m making until September.

This month I’ll be joined by my little learner who is wanting to improve her French and has started learning Mandarin Chinese with me…

How will ‘we’ be learning Languages this summer? 

I’ll be grasping the basics with LingoHut for both Spanish and Chinese and hope to spend at least 10 minutes a day on the site over 5 day periods. I’ve also ordered BBC Talk Spanish Complete and will be using Language Transfer. I’m a big, big fan of Language Transfer and think they are awesome. They give the language learning community so much value and for free.

My little learner is excited about the new Chineasy for Children book that is launching in July and I’ve pre-ordered a copy for her.

I’m excited as my new notebook has arrived and as much as I love bullet journalling I’m going get creative with an interactive language notebook. However, little learner also has her eyes on my new notebook too…I’m going have to order another one!

Pronunciation is key for me and I’ll be using Speechling to really get to grips with any areas of weakness. What I love about Speechling is they share the same values as Language Learners Journal Ltd.

“Everyone in the world deserves access to quality language education.”


Finally, I will be using Flash Academy for gamification of Spanish and vocabulary building on the go.

My Goals

So as you can see I’ll be using a range of resources to really stimulate my brain and help me get to at least B1 in Spanish and HSK2 in Mandarin Chinese by September 2018.

My little learner is studying French at school and her goal is to be top set for French. She also recognizes 70+ Chinese Characters now and we are learning Chinese together at home.

HSK Levels – Chinese Levels.

Language Learning Levels – European Languages.

Resource Roundup

Chinese – Mandarin 


French (Little Learner) 




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This post may contain affiliate links. You don’t pay more, but I may receive a modest commission that supports the running costs of this site & the FREE content it has to offer!

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