10 tips for creating an inspirational and interactive language vision board

10 tips for creating an inspirational and interactive language vision board

1. Visiting the country? Take some pictures…

They don’t have to be brilliant they just need to be meaningful to you! Don’t have any pictures check out UnSplash where you can find a wealth of great quality pictures for free.

2. Go tactile

Time to get crafty making a physical vision board from foam cardboard.  The tactile nature of cutting-out images,  gluing them onto boards enhances the emotiveness of what’s been learned.

3. Feeling technical? Go digital and add sound clips and videos

With modern technology, even with paper-based mood boards, you can still add sound or video clips! For example, QR quotes or scanning images on the phone via a translation app such as Flash Academy. I like to set my mood boards as screensavers to help motivate me.

4. Text it up a little, Oh I say!

Add your favorite quotes, sayings or names of your favorite items to the vision board, but in your target language of course!

5. Pick a theme

Pick a weekly or monthly language learning theme and create a regular vision board based on what you are learning or going to be learning!

6. Conversational trigger

Use the vision board as a conversational trigger and discuss with an online tutor or native speaker OR share on Pinterest to inspire other language learners!

7. Using all of your senses

The great thing is you not only get your creative juices flowing which is vital to language learning you also get to use different senses, heck learning French why not even add a little parfum to your board!

8.  Teaching students

Have students that are visual why not create a board for them to discuss OR set it as homework for creative visual learners. Instead of reflecting on the wordlists get them to #MoBO it!

9. It grows with you

The beauty of a mood board is the more fluent you get the more you can update the board so it grows with you…

10. Have fun!!!

The whole process of creating vision boards should be fun!!! A refreshing and more visual way to learn a language especially if motivation using a more conventional method is dropping a little.

Have you got any other ideas for creating a vision board for languages? OR maybe you would like to share your own design? Comment below or post on social media with the hashtag #LangVisBo

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