Language-Learning Activities to Improve Your Foreign Marketing

Writing in another language is just as important as reading and speaking it, especially when it comes to marketing. So much business marketing is conducted online, which reaches to the furthest corners of the global community. While you may be able to get a few customers speaking only one language, being able to connect to a broader community by marketing to them in their native language will give you a step up on those who can’t. Even if you have a blog for your website, if you can’t write well in any language, you aren’t going to get the traffic and conversions your blog is meant to help with. If you are trying to improve your writing and blogging, or hoping to reach a new audience, try a few of these activities.


There are two types of writing: formal and conversational. Conversations occur everywhere from schools to business offices and grocery stores. Practice writing out different stories that include both action and dialogue. As you practice, you will find better ways to tell a story, which can translate well into crafting an engaging story for your blog.

Letter Writing

Practice writing formal letters to different individuals or companies without mailing any. Use the templates of pre-written letters as guides and personalize the message using your own words. This exercise improves your formal writing skills and teaches you how to follow proper business etiquette. You can also find a penpal service, which will give you the chance to interact with native speakers in an informal, creative context. A penpal may be able to give you the local habits of the speakers, allowing you to natural direct your marketing message to the native, local speakers.

Fill-in-the-Blank Exercises

Print out writing exercises where you fill in the blanks. First, create a list of everyday items and events that you see in public, such as cars, buildings or people. Include blanks where you fill in the adjectives, nouns or verbs to describe what you see. This exercise improves your grammar and vocabulary skills. The easiest way to do this is to print the list and carry them with you to fill out throughout the day. This gives you the ability to practice on new objects as you freely move about. However, printing a new list every day can start to get expensive (though some of this cost can be mitigated by purchasing paper or ink in bulk, if you are going to be printing multiple copies for yourself or your employees). The cheaper option is to use a dry-erase board. The dry-erase board will allow you to update to a new list every day for free (not counting the cost of markers). The downside is that, unless you plan on carrying a small board with you everywhere, you are limited to the same objects around you, every day.


You can also use your writing to practice describing different things, people and events in as much detail as possible. This advanced exercise is designed to push the limits of your language learning. You must use every word that you’ve already learned and learned many new words in the process.

You can start by pointing to a picture and writing a detailed description. Some people prefer to go out in public, selecting different objects, and writing descriptions. Another option is to point out different places on a map and write driving directions from one location to the next. Also, the exercise is more challenging and exciting when you participate with two or more people.

Listening and Writing

Practice listening to spoken words from video or audio recordings. Make a schedule of tuning into a TV program or turn on the radio. Write down every word that you can translate immediately, but don’t worry about getting every word right. The more you practice, the more words you will be able to translate.

You won’t be able to learn everything you need to know about writing good content overnight, but these exercises will help you improve your mastery of a foreign language and increase your ability to create quality content for your website. It may take some extra time, but it will be well worth it.



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