Clear the List: October 2018

Hola! 你好!  Živjo, அகவுக்குரல், Bonjour…

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So folks October is one of my favorite times of the year, although I do hate it when the clocks go back and it get’s dark sooo early! Here in England it will soon be dark before 4pm!!! That is sad, literally Seasonal Affective Disorder

This month it’s back to Mandarin Chinese for me which is my focus for the #15X100 Challenge, Slovenian… a language that I have fallen in love with AND thanks to Lang JamTamilNo automatic alt text available.

I will start by saying BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! I planned to take part in ‘Scroll free September‘, what I didn’t plan for was my computer blowing up, my mobile no longer wanting to charge, my internet router going down AND an emergency laptop that was so slow I think it actually went back in time…

So what did this mean for my language learning? 

Well I couldn’t attend ANY of the Slovenian lessons I had booked (3 a week), I realised I had an over reliance on learning languages online AND I couldn’t deliver on my online businesses. Basically a rubbish month.

HOWEVER, I still managed 15 minutes a day in Slovenian on Memrise using whatever WiFi I could connect to on an iPhone – that is so old it can’t even be updated or new apps added! Since 8th October I have been using an audio book to keep up my 15 minutes a day Chinese.

October Goals (and Updates)


I am taking part in Lang Jam and the language I have been allocated for the next 3  days is Tamil!


I can introduce myself, count to a thousand and hold a very basic conversation for about 5-10 minutes. More importantly I can order coffee and my favorite food. I am unable to attend the Polyglot Conference in Slovenia (sorry folks) due to my work commitments BUT if I had OR when I go to Slovenian I will be able to say hello and order coffee and considering I knew NOTHING of the language in June this is good enough for me. I will continue with the language, once I am connected to the digital world again. I still plan to go LIVE in Slovenian on Facebook later on this month!

Chinese Mandarin 

I’ll be studying this language as part of the #15×100 Challenge to help me get back into the swing of a daily study routine.


As this was once one of my strongest languages and a language I actually have a qualification in I have rather neglected it! So this month I plan to go back to the language that started it all.


Spanish is on hold as I am a busy lady. I understand Spanish better than I speak it. I can read almost fluently  in both French and Spanish, but when I hear it spoken it takes a while to register in my brain, but I suppose I can be like that sometimes even in my native language of English!

Good luck with the languages you are learning this month…


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