Free 7 Days of Mindfulness Challenge

“Mindfulness might simply be described as choosing and learning to control our focus of attention.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn  

Without trying to sound too morbid…

Life is short. VERY short.

Everything could change in the blink of an eye!

There will always be things that you want to accomplish in life.

However in this busy digitally distracting world it is important than ever to find a work, self-development and home life balance.

Mindfulness is a ancient eastern practice, redesigned for busy western society and backed by modern day society.

Contrary to what you may have heard about mindfulness it is actually a very simple concept to grasp !

Mindfulness is about paying deliberate attention to the present moment in a non-judgmental way.

The FREE 7 day Mindfulness Challenge will enable you to start training your attention. Taking control of our focus… rather than allowing attention to be dominated by past or future experiences that removes us from the present moment.

You can join the 7 days of mindfulness challenge here:

➡️ The Self-Development Hub (Facebook Group)

I’m sure you will be able to take away some mindfulness practices to implement  into your own daily routines or ideas if you wish to focus on mindfulness as part of the #15x100Challenge that is starting in January. 

 7 Day Mindfulness Challenge…

➡️ No email required – free to join.

➡️ Daily encouragement and support.

➡️ Practice videos.

➡️ Exclusive group chat for participants.

➡️ Live Q&A & chat sessions.

➡️ Continued support on #MindfulMondays

Come join us…

I look forward to reading your responses to this challenge below and on social media. Share this with your friends so they can benefit from the challenge too.

When posting on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest use: #7MindfulDays and be sure to tag me @languagelearnersjournal so that I can follow and comment on your progress.

Join us today: The Self-Development Hub and learn how to de-clutter your mind and improve attention for better focus.

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What is a more mindful & holistic approach to learning?



The 15x100 Challenge

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