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The Clozemaster Review: Play whilst you learn! 

Recently I was asked to test Clozemaster an awesome way to learn languages via 1980s arcade style gamification.  I have heard a lot of wonderful  things about Clozemaster so I gladly accepted. As there are so many awesome features I am still testing and will update this post once complete!  *Please note this is an impartial review by a language learner for language learners designed to help you make a more informed decision before using or purchasing the product. 

So What is Clozemaster?

In their words…

Clozemaster is gamified language learning in context through mass exposure for learners of all levels. It aims to answer the question, “What should I do after Duolingo?” and provide a more sentence based and contextual learning experience to complement other language learning apps like Memrise and Anki.”


In my eyes…

“1980s arcade feel gamifigation for language learners, making creative use of the repetition approach to learning languages.”

Trisha founder of Language Learners Journal

What Does it Cost?  

Clozemaster is free, but they do have a premium version called Clozemaster Pro, which at the time of this review was $60 a year. 

How I used it…

I’ve been studying Spanish for a while now on and off. I’m not a complete beginner, but I still have a very long, long way to go!

I have been using Clozemaster on my Desktop and tried out a majority (still testing it out) of the awesome features that it has to offer… 


This section contains lots of challenges that actually make learning grammar fun!  

The Clozemaster  completion receipt. 


You can improve your reading skills by filling in the blanks for longer texts. Highlight part of a sentence or click on words within a sentence after answering to get useful links and translations. Covering a range of subjects from anthropology and psychology to the arts and technology.  I really enjoyed this aspect of Clozemaster. What makes it more interesting as a lot of sites now focus on speaking element and I feel this very important aspect of language learning is often over looked. 


Still in beta testing mode, but you can now create and play your own collections of cloze sentences. How awesome is that! 

Pro-Groupings (paid option only) 

Level up your grammar! Play sentences grouped by the grammatical part of speech of the missing word. I plan to test this feature out of the weekend so stay tuned!

What Languages are on Offer?

With a whooping 50+ languages available you really are spoilt for choice! You are able to study more than one language at a time. This is great as some of the sites I use I have to stick to one & I am normally juggling at least 2 languages a month. The premium option of Clozemaster provides you access to content across all languages.

The Spaced Repetition Method

Clozemaster uses an algorithm of repetition to help people learn languages faster. Spaced repetition of vocabulary gently progresses with the ability of the language learner aka in this instance me. This is an awesome method. From a psychological perspective the first time you hear or even read a word, your brain decides if it is important or not to be filed into long-term memory. Often it isn’t important enough until you hear and actually say it aloud several times! Then your brain has the ‘aha’ moment. However, there is no exact ruling on numbers. It depends on a whole range of complex factors that include emotional state, cognitive ability, tiredness…That is why this Repetition Algorithm is so clever as you will get reminded of the word before you run the risk of forgetting it! Now gamification means you are having fun, thus provoking an emotional response adding our ability to remember. Plus the award and recognition received for doing well increases your response to do well. 

Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Lots of the resources are FREE. Actually there are so many resources I am still testing this out! 
  • Well-structured and planned language lessons in a style that reminds me of 1980’s gaming. 
  • Fun, fast and enjoyable to learn languages and practice grammar. 
  • A staggering 50 plus languages. 
  • Sentences that are practical and likely to be used in real life scenarios. 
  • The ability to customize your learning experience to suit your needs. 
  • The ability to learn more than one language at a time! 
  • Gamification approach to make learning grammar more interesting.  

The Cons

  • There is no doubt that spaced repetition tools like Clozemaster form part of a balanced language learning routine. You won’t become fluent in any language by using this tool alone. I still recommend real language tutors or courses. 
  •  I would not recommend this tool for complete beginners. Clozemaster acknowledges this and even recommends itself as an ideal tool for after completing the Duolingo tree. 
  • It’s addictive! BUT that does mean you are more likely to keep up with regular language learning practice. 

The Verdict

As awesome as Clozemaster is I would not solely rely on this resource alone for your language learning. However, it is a real asset to any language learning toolbox. Used in conjunction with support from a tutor or native speaker you’ll cover the basics much faster than more traditional methods on the market.

I personally think Clozemaster is a truly awesome resource and will be addeding it to my language learning tool kit.  

For more information or to get the app visit

Have you used Clozemaster? Are you going give it a try? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. Thanks for the article sharing clozemaster with others! After studying French in school for 10 years and on my own off and on for another 10, I felt like I still was reading like a 3 year old. I used clozemaster on a regular basis over a few months and I feel that completing (many!) short practice sentences has brought my reading speed up to an adult level. Very very happy with the hours I spent using this product. I am also using it as a beginner to learn Japanese.

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