#Clear the List: Exploring Scots

2019 is the year of Indigenous Languages. With this in mind Language Learners Journal Founder Trisha Dunbar explores the Scots language with the aim of having a basic conversation within the next 28 days!


The Scots language is not to be confused with Scottish Gaelic and is actually from the Germanic family group. Although closely related to English, it isn’t speaking English with a Scottish accent!

It is a language in it’s own right and sometimes referred to as Lowland Scot so not to confuse with Scottish Gaelic.

Scots is spoken in central Scotland and the main cities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

Why Scots?

Trisha and daughter Sophia have decided on tackling Scots in honour of the 2019 year of Indigenous Languages. It is a language close to their hearts as the ancestral Dunbar family originated from Scotland.

Origins of the Dunbar Clan

Clan Dunbar

The Dunbar clan descended from the Earl of Northumbria, grandson of Crínán of Dunkeld and the nephew of King Duncan I of Scotland. After William the Conqueror took the family title away Dunbar fled back to bonny Scotland where he was granted lands by King Malcolm III of Scotland thus gaining the title of Earl of Dunbar.


The goal is to be able to greet and have a very basic conversation in Scots by the end of the month.

Main Resources: Scots VocaBooster Course.


Whilst the focus during July will be Scots, Trisha plans to continue with Mandarin Chinese.

Resources: Memrise, Yoyo Chinese and Domino Chinese.


This language has been rather neglected lately so it’s a Duolingo and Memrise refresher. Watching new HBO show Los Espookys

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