Introducing the Language Marathon from Parleremo…

Language Learners Journal is excited to announce that we have teamed up with the Parleremo Language Community to create a brand new and exciting language learning challenge!

Parleremo, meaning ‘we’ll talk‘ in Italian is a FREE language learning platform with resources for over 35 languages. Originally created in 2008 it will be reopening on Sunday, August 25th, 2019. With some BIG changes, including the brand new (paid) challenge program to boost your language learning!

Online language challenges are becoming very popular for independent learners as they encourage motivation and community support.

Recently prices have soared for online challenges with the average cost now reaching triple numbers for a 30-90 day challenge!

These challenges do have excellent methods to combine accountability and motivation to greatly improve language skills using social media.

However, The Paleremo Language Challenge is slightly different as it is hosted on our very own secure platform with access to many resources and tools to help keep you on track at an affordable price.

Motivation is important, but discipline is required in language learning to make real progress. It’s discipline that drives you forward even through those difficult moments, in turn this fuels motivation and the reward pathways in the brain.

Trisha Dunbar, Language Learners Journal Founder and Co-Founder of the Paleremo Language Marathon.

The Way it Works…

Choose between two options:

  • The Mega Marathon: Commit to a minimum of 15 minutes per day language training for the next 100 days within a supportive online community.
  • The Mini-Marathon: Commit to a minimum of 15 minutes per day language training for 26 consecutive days within a supportive online community. (Recommended if you are new to language challenges).

“The Parleremo Language Marathon is going to be awesome. It is based on the successful Parleremo language platform. All the resources you need to kick start language learning with the aim to ‘level’ up your target language!”

Erik Zidowecki, Director of Scrivermo Publishing , Founder of Parleremo and Co-Founder of The Parleremo Language Marathon.

Benefits of the Parleremo Language Marathon

✅ Choose a language OR have one randomly chosen for you when you create a profile!

✅ Keep track of your language learning progress over 26 days (mini-marathon) or 100 days (mega marathon).

✅ Take part in mini-challenges and earn virtual badges.

✅ Go head-to-head with other participants.

✅ Visit the video vault of languages.

✅ Check out our library of resources.

✅ Chat with other language learners via the forum or video.

✅ Certificate of Completion.

✅ PLUS lots, lots more…

The first race marathon starts in September!

Interested? Register here for more information on how to join the challenge…

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