The Parleremo Language Marathon Challenge

The Parleremo Language Marathon is one of the most underestimated language challenges out there! Unlike a majority of the higher-priced language challenges, Parleremo has its own resources and tools. It is also hosted on its very own language learning platform.

I’ve enrolled! 😀

Are up for this language challenge too?

Keep reading if you have no idea what the Parleremo Language Marathon is?

BUT if you are ready to sign up to complete the challenge, the big blue registration button is below 👇👇👇

Not heard of the Parleremo Language Marathon? Then I am pleased that you have discovered this blog post today! Registration for the last 26-day mini-marathon of the year closes on Thursday 7th November 2019!

I’ll explain what you can expect from the challenge in this short video below…

JOIN ME!  I’m taking the 26-Day Parleremo Language Marathon in November to kickstart learning Scots!

If you do decide to take the challenge, let’s help each other and share our language learning experiences using the hashtag #PLM19!  Although the challenge is hosted on its very own platform, we have created a private Facebook Group for marathoners who have registered (or are potentially interested in registering) and graduate members of the language marathon. JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP HERE!  

What is Parleremo?

Parleremo means “We will speak” in Italian. It is a free language learning platform where you can learn 30+ different languages from the usual English, German, Spanish and French to Dutch, Mandarin and even Arabic online.

Although the language learning platform is free there is a small entry fee for the challenges. This is to cover the costs of creating new resources, hosting the ever-expanding site and paying professionals to ensure the accuracy of the resources.

What I love most of this challenge is unlike most language challenges out there it is hosted on its own platform and actually has language resources and tools! I am a busy person so not having to find my own resources saves me tons of time that I can then re-invest into my language learning ❤️

Also, a lot of challenges focus on the conservational approach, whilst Parleremo does not neglect the literacy aspects of language learning. You can choose to post updates in a video, audio or written form.

The Parleremo Language Marathon is a challenge designed to take your language learning to the next level providing you put in the work!

Motivation is great, but it will only get you to the halfway mark! Just like a real marathon, if you want to be successful at learning a new language it is going to take commitment, discipline, consistent practice, and community peer support to give you a boost in fluency within 100 days!

There are 2 options available…

  • The Mega-Marathon: If you want to boost your fluency. Commit to a minimum of 15 minutes per day language training for the next 100 days. Challenge starts in January 2020
  • The Mini-Marathon: If you want to get a ‘taster’ of a language. Commit to a minimum of 15 minutes per day language training for 26 consecutive days. Recommended if you are new to language challenges or want to check out the randomizer feature. Challenge starting shortly, register today!

You can take the marathon in whatever language you are studying (we have resources for 30+ languages on the platform).

When does it start?

The next mini-marathon starts on Friday 9th November and lasts 26 days. This will be the last marathon of 2019 🙁 BUT we will be back in January with our popular 100-day mega marathon 😀

Want to know a little bit more about the language Marathon? Check out some testimonials of previous members too, click the button blue below?

Do let me know if you register as I’m doing the marathon too!!!

I’d love you to join me on the next language run! If you register for the Parleremo Language Marathon come and hang out with me and our supportive community in our Facebook Group. So we can help keep each other motivated and accountable!

Did you know….?

Parleremo is a big supporter of the Language Learners Journal’s mission to make high-quality language learning resources more affordable. I am also a really big fan of the Parleremo language products and the free resources that they provide to language learners globally.

I am excited about the opportunity to kickstart my learning of Scots for the 26-day challenge and continue with Dutch for the next 100-day challenge starting in January. Time to push through the comfort zones and level up our language learning together!

If you are interesting in taking part in the challenge, have already taken part in one of the challenges OR just have any questions please post them in the comments section below…

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