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你好, مرحبا, ra pai, สวัสดี, ¡Hola,Γεια σας, guten tag, lá maith, 良い一日, hello there!

Do you love what Language Learners Journal is all about?  Then why not become a patron and support us to support others in learning languages and raising cultural awareness! It costs a lot of money to run this site and produce materials.

Language Learners Journal is a FREE community and we have managed to operate on a virtually non-existent budget until now, we’ve realized that in order to keep the blog and external events going, new financial resources are required. The blog did have a few commercial ads, in the form of WordAds, however, they simply did not cover the basic operating costs of the site let alone any external events. Plus they slowed down the site and were a nuisance to the readers. At Language Learners Journal our readers always come first, before profit.

This is why we are now turning to Patreon, in the hope that you, our regular readers, contributors, fellow entrepreneurs, and companies would like to see us continue with this project and might be willing to support us. Your very kind contribution helps to keep us ad-free, cover the cost of the website, our time, equipment and external events! So we can continue to offer a majority of our services for FREE as well as allowing us to bring you more and varied content in the near future. We support language learners both online and offline especially in areas of deprivation where racism can also be very high. By creating an awareness of other cultures we hope to bring communities together and reduce the number of race hate crimes.

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