Learning Slovenian in 90 Days…

Bled, Slovenia. Photo by Peter Bucks on Unsplash

This summer I will be taking part in a 3-month long language challenge with Richard Simcott of Speaking Fluently and Máirín Millward from Mo’s Language Learning Journey and in association with the Polyglot Conference, which will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia in October 2018.  A polyglot is a term for someone that is familiar with several languages. It is derived from Greek ‘polu‘ meaning  ‘many’ and ‘glotto‘ meaning ‘tongue‘. The Languages

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The Take Action Calendar for Language Learners

This 28 day Take Action Calendar for Language Learners from Language Learners Journal (LLJ) has daily suggested activities and prompts to enable you to take personal responsibility for your language learning whilst spreading a little kindness around too ❤️ You can download The Take Action Calendar for Language Learners PDF here so you can print it OR right-click on

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