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The Take Action Calendar for Language Learners

This 28 day Take Action Calendar for Language Learners from Language Learners Journal (LLJ) has daily suggested activities and prompts to enable you to take personal responsibility for your language learning whilst spreading a little kindness around too ❤️ You can download The Take Action Calendar for Language Learners PDF here so you can print it OR right-click on

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Why A Unique Learning Environment May Help In Learning A New Language

The world is becoming an increasingly smaller place. With global travel, global trade, and recreation bringing together people from around the globe for different reasons, it is essential that we learn new languages to make our time more efficient, productive, and enjoyable. While the thought of sitting in a classroom, memorizing hours and hours of

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Is stress impacting on your language learning ability?

This week is World Mental Health Week and this year’s theme is ‘stress’.

Is stress impacting upon your learning ability? If so, what can you do about it?

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