Language Instructors


Why hello there. Are you a language teacher? or Do you have a language product or service? If the answer is YES then this page has been created just for you. If you have not done so already please introduce yourself below and tell us what languages you teach and how you can help language learners.

Guest Blogging

I accept guest posts from language teachers or psychological professionals. If you have a degree in linguistics, psychology or a related area please get in touch.  The post will need to be 800 words plus. I will also ask you to provide a bio and a link to your site or/and social media accounts. If your post is selected I will also promote it across my media channels.

Blogging Awards

Every month I get nominations from people for their favorite language blogs. I love this as I get to discover brand new awesome blogs every month too and then share them with you lovely folks. At the end of each month, I put all the nominations into a poll and our wonderful followers and readers get to vote for the winner. You can nominate your own language learning blog or website! However, you are not allowed to vote for yourself! I think it is a wonderful way to promote the many awesome language blogs out there and support each other.

For more information or to nominate ♥ Nominate your Favourite Language Blogs ♥


Do you have a language learning product or service?  Do you have a blog, book or eBook on language learning?  Maybe you have a website, app or forum aimed at language learners?  If you do from only $5 (£3.84), I will promote your language learning product or service on my website(s) and social media platforms that have been created for this specific niche. I will also introduce your product to other influencers within my network.

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Language Blogs 

Do you have a brand new blog or website? Are you feeling overwhelmed with what needs to be done? I will analyze your website starting from $5 (£3.84) to help point you in the right direction for success and improved SEO.

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If you are interested in any collaboration work or have an awesome language product or service you would like me to test contact me directly.