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Whatever language you are learning or want to learn I am pleased you are visiting us. I have created this page for new language learners. So if you have not done so already learn a little bit about me and then introduce yourself in the comments section below.

Language Learners Journal is created by language learners for languages, but with some support from professional linguistics too.

Guest Blogging

Do you have an inspirational story about language learning? Did you have to overcome personal or learning difficulties to learn a language? or Did you learn a language for love? If so get in touch.  Guest posts for personal stories will need to be 300 words plus. I will also ask you to provide a bio and a link to your site. If your post is selected I will also promote it across my media channels.

Trisha Tests

Once or twice a month I review the latest language learning products or put some theories to the test using my skills as a researcher. I do the hard work so you don’t have to! Just sit back read the reviews and make a more informed choice if that product, service or language learning theory is right for you or not.

Here is an example Trisha Tests: Language Learning via Positive Psychology

Blogging Awards 

Every month I get nominations from people for their favorite language blogs. I love this as I get to discover brand new awesome blogs every month and then share them with you lovely folks. At the end of each month, I put all the nominations into a poll and you vote for the winner. You can nominate your own language learning blog if you have one! However, you are not allowed to vote for yourself! Nominate you favorite language blog now!

For more information or to nominate ♥ Nominate your Favourite Language Blogs ♥


If you don’t know where to start learning a language or need some support with motivation or self-esteem. Please get in contact. I do a few FREE 20 minute Skype sessions per week to help others with their learning. If you are interested in a free session please get in contact as spaces are limited.

Click here for the full list of services I offer or to book.

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Free Language Resources

Affiliated Products

Language Resources

Disclaimer: I don’t actually get paid to review items. Occasionally I may get sent products for free to read or test, but predominantly I fund everything myself. This is why I have to advertise on my sites and also promote products and affiliated links. This is a not for profit site and all money earned goes towards running costs, creating language learning materials and goodies for you lovely people. For full details please refer to my disclosure policy.

I appreciate all feedback and testimonials. If you notice a broken link on the site or something that needs updating Contact me.