Language Learner’s Amplified: The 15×100 Challenge

Language Learner’s Amplified: The 15×100 Challenge

Mindfully Empowering Independent Language Learning online … 

What could you achieve in a minimum of 15 minutes per day for 100 days?  

Are you on Facebook? Kick-start your language learning journey in October 2018 with Language Learner’s Amplified: The 15×100 Challenge (#LLA). This 100-day challenge will help you to become more disciplined, motivated and focused via a more holistic and mindful approach to your learning.

Focusing on mindset, health, nutrition, building better habits, sleep hygiene and exploring the myths of learning styles so you can become a more efficient language learner.


Registration Fee

One off registration fee (per challenge) for The #15×100Challenge. Challenge starts 5th January 2019.


Want to learn a language, but don’t know where to start?

  • Feeling overwhelmed? Lacking motivation and/or self-awareness to achieve your goals?
  • Do you give up on your language learning goals after only a couple of months?

Sounding familiar? I initially sucked at learning, but then I started to make some real improvements at school especially in the area of languages and science. Instead of moving me up a level the teachers thought I was cheating! They made me redo some of my work under close supervision. However, I continued to do well in my studies and went on to do postgraduate psychology (and history) at university. I personally believe that learning is lifelong!

So, what was I doing differently?

I was applying a more holistic and mindful approach to learning that included using simple mindfulness practices, positive thinking strategies and building better habits that lead to greater productivity in my learning.

Now, I want to help you become a better language learner…

Join our global community of language learners today…

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Being too busy to learn is not just an excuse it is a barrier to success!” 

Over the last few years, I have learned several languages to various degrees whilst working full-time, running my own little business, studying part-time at university, getting involved in community projects/charity events and looking after my family!

I am passionate about learning new things, especially languages. I know what it is like to struggle, get stuck or even feel isolated as an independent learner. Drawing from my personal experiences as a fellow independent language learner and my professional knowledge of mindsets, nutrition, health I want to help you achieve your language goals in 2018.  This is why I have created ‘Language Learner’s Amplified, #LLA.

The Way it Works

You choose what language you want to work on, and commit to learning it for a minimum of 15 minutes per day for the next 100 days, whilst holding yourself publicly accountable by posting regular updates on social media using the hashtags provided.

Challenge Rules 

  1. Study a language… whatever way works best for you for a minimum of 15 minutes every day for the next 100 days*
  2. Join our official Facebook challenge Group: The 15×100 Challenge
  3. Regularly post your progress updates on social media using the  #LLA and #15x100Challenge hashtags.
  4. Encourage and help at least 2-3 people in the challenge every day.
  5. Share the group and help other people to change their learning habits for the better by spreading the word of this challenge with friends, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… All help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Everybody is different, it would be a pretty boring world otherwise.  You can adjust the rules for the challenge to fit in with your own lifestyle and responsibilities. The most common adjustment made is changing the daily minimum of time from 15 to 30/45/60 OR even 90 minutes. You might choose to post updates daily, weekly or monthly on social media or blog about this challenge. What ever works best for you just don’t forget to use the hash tag #15x100Challenge.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does the program start and finish?

The challenge lasts for 100 days and starts on the 8th October 2018  and lasts approximately to the 11th January 2019, but id does depend on when you started the challenge. Can’t make this challenge or discovered it too late? Our next challenge starts on the 7th January 2019. The next challenge isn’t limited to just language learning! For more details visit the official page for the challenge.

Q. Do I need to be a beginner?

Although the challenge is aimed at beginners, it can also be ideal for those that have not studied their target language in a while or have got stuck in the intermediate plateau.

Q. How much does it cost?

A non-refundable registration fee of £19.97 if you would like further support during the challenge and to be eligible for the badge and certificate upon successful completion. As this is not for profit all proceeds will be invested back into this challenge, future challenges and go towards rewards for successful participants.

Q. How do I register?

Sadly registration for the final 2018 challenge is now closed, but you can register for our next challenge that starts on the 7th January 2019. You can use the payment buttons on this page and you will automatically be added to the next challenge. The cost for the 2019 challenge will still be £19.97.

Q. What are the #hashtags to use?

#LLA and #15x100Challenge 

Q. What videos will I have to make?

It is up to you on how you would like to record your progress and how regularly you would like to do this. You might wanna go live in the group, make a blog post, post a video or do a journal entry. It is completely up to you. To receive your badge and completion certificate at the end, you must have made 3 progress updates throughout the 100 day period, i.e. starting point, middle point and end point.

Q. What if I am unhappy with the service?

My team and I worked really hard to put this challenge together for you, but that said if you are really not happy with this service please contact me directly so we can resolve any issues together.

Q. Who are Peer Enablers?

You guys! You are all in this learning a language challenge together, motivating and inspiring each other.

A health warning!

You have to be ready to engage, focus and work hard. You will be challenged and pushed out of your comfort zone all with the aim of developing you as a better language learner. Remember the more you put into this challenge the more you will get out of it!

Are you ready to get motivated, start building better habits and start learning in a more successful way?


Registration Fee

One off registration fee (per challenge) for The #15×100Challenge. Challenge starts 5th January 2019.


Questions? Ideas?

If you have any questions or ideas about 15×100 Challenge (or other ideas), feel free to contact us

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