Mindful Language Learning: Free PDF

  • Do you lack focus, motivation, or self-awareness to achieve your goals?
  • Do you give up on your goals after a couple of months? 
  • Does stress and anxiety get in the way of your learning?
  • Did you answer yes to any of these questions? If so this PDF has been written for you and you can download to for free when you sign up for our newsletter.I struggled with my learning at secondary school, but one day I started to make real progress in languages and science. Initially, the teachers thought I was cheating so made me redo my work under close supervision, I got top marks! I went on to do research in psychology at postgraduate level and gained a diploma in history from Oxford!

    So what was I doing differently?

    I went from being totally unfocused with a short attention span to be fully focused and attentive. I achieved this by using a more holistic approach to learning that incorporated simple mindfulness techniques and positive thinking strategies that anyone can apply.

    Now I want to help you become a more efficient learner…

    Most mindfulness courses teach you how to practice, but not how to actively apply these practices to your language learning routines!

    In Mindful Learning I will show you how to:

    ⇨ Become a more motivated and focused learner.

    ⇨ Develop self-aware ness of your unhelpful thinking habits and learn how to manage them better!

    ⇨ Learn simple breathing techniques to help you regain focus and calm the body. 

Mindful LearningMindful Language Learning teaches you how to be a more focused, self-aware and motivated student, independent learner and is also suitable for teachers too. Being a more mindful learner will lead to greater productivity within your study sessions. This approach requires practice and an open mind to see results. If you are serious about meeting your goals and increasing productivity via some simple mindfulness techniques then this eBook aimed at beginners is just for you!