Bespoke Language Learning Coach

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What is a Learning Coach?

A sports coach enables the best performance possible, likewise, a learning coach inspires, and looks at the individual mindset of a person to enable them to be better learners. Coaches work together with the learner to look at the best strategies to become more focused, efficient and successful.

From Arabic, Spanish or even Chinese Trisha’s bespoke coaching sessions can enable you to learn any language. She helps learners of all abilities from the beginner who feels totally overwhelmed, to the more experienced language learners that are struggling to progress further. Trisha isn’t here to teach you the language, she’s here to show you how to enable your brain to learn more efficient for successful learning.

ESL stands for English as a second language and in addition to my coaching service, I am also able to offer Business and Travel English for busy professionals of intermediate level. To book visit me at ClassGap

Depending on time zone and duration, Trisha’s coaching sessions can cost as little as £19.97 for 30 minutes.

✅ Skype or Zoom consultations.

✅​ Continuing support via email.

✅ An online global community of language learners.

Offering a Bespoke and Tailored Service

Every learner is unique with different preferences and tendencies to retain, process and access new information. One size coaching really doesn’t suit all! At Language Learners Journal Ltd, we help our learners to use more mindful and productive study strategies that support personal strengths as well as gently push learners out of their comfort zones to really accelerate learning potential.

Getting Started with Your Learning Coach

 Initial 30 minute Coaching Session with email support.

Meet Trisha a professional learning coach with a postgraduate background in psychology and education. Trisha is also a mindfulness instructor with over 20 years experience. This initial session includes a needs analysis and goal planning. The next sessions will provide ongoing support for the implementation of a learning plan, streamlining and fine-tuning study skills and mindset. These will be highly interactive sessions where learners apply the recommended strategies, learning styles and skills from their plan. Additional follow-up coaching sessions will review the learning plan and encourage the use of the recommended strategies, learning styles and skills from their plan. This can be done via email support.

(From £19.97)


Tailored Packages

Tailored packages are available upon request. This also includes:

 One-to-one Mindful Learning Sessions – how to apply simple mindfulness practices to become a more efficient learner.

(30 or 60-minute sessions available, from £24.97.)

Stress Management and Relaxation Sessions – Gentle guided relaxation techniques to help calm the body and regain focus.

(30 to 45-minute sessions available, from £24.97.)

 Bespoke Coaching Sessions for Independent Teachers – Are you working with highly anxious students with low self-esteem? Trisha also offers online coaching sessions for busy professionals enabling you to provide the best support for challenging students without burning out.

(30 minutes from £24.97)

To view availability check out our calendar or to find out how Trisha and her team could best support you, simply get in touch – we’ll be happy to confidentially discuss your learning needs and provide you with more information.  

To book a coaching session visit our Services Page.