Online Course: Mindful Learning: How to become a more focused language learner

Do you want to be… 

  A more focused language learner?

  Develop your self-awareness of unhelpful thinking habits and learn strategies in how to manage these thoughts better?

  Learn simple breathing techniques to help you regain focus and calm the body?

Did you answer YES to any of the above questions? 

I struggled with learning new skills at school, then one day I started to make real progress in languages and science. Initially, the teachers thought I was cheating so made me redo my work under close supervision, I got top marks. I went on to do research in psychology at postgraduate level!  

What was I doing differently? 

I went from being totally unfocused with a short attention span to being fully focused and attentive. I achieved this by using a more mindful approach to learning that incorporated simple mindfulness practices that anyone can apply.

Now I want to help you become a more efficient learner

Most mindfulness courses teach you the techniques and practices, but not how to actively apply them to your daily learning routines.

This short introductory course teaches you how to be a more focused, self-aware and motivated student or independent learner. This leads to greater productivity within your study sessions. This approach requires practice and an open mind to see  results. If you are serious about meeting your goals via some simple mindfulness practices then this beginners course is just for you! 

What my students are saying…

“I am in a turbulent moment at learning. A lot of doubts, fails, bad grades… But, with this course, with the tips and steps I learned, I really can see a way to improve my studies in all areas, besides being able to apply breathe techniques to relax and regain focus during the study sections.”

– Paulo

“Wonderful course, I’m taking away a number of tips that can be applied to any learning, not just language learning. It’s a solid introduction to mindful learning.”  

– Rebekka

When I had an enquiry she was quick to respond and resolve it. It’s always nice to know that your teacher is there for, and supportive, of your learning.”   

– Annie


What students can expect from the course…

Email support available 7 days a week via the Udemy platform.

 Q&A board regularly monitored 24/7.  

✔ Exclusive Community Group on Facebook.

 Exclusive webinars and LIVE Q&A Sessions. 

 Courses are updated based on feedback and additional resources are added on a regular basis at no extra cost to you! 

Printable PDF worksheets and journal.

And much more…. 

Join over 1900+ students from over 110 different countries that have already signed up for Trisha’s courses…

“Very well explained and with interesting examples, it catches my attention from minute 1! Very useful and looking forward to applying these techniques to my job, studies, etc. Feeling very inspired!”

– Eva

In today’s stressful world, this kind of course should be taken seriously. Instructor Trisha delivered the lectures nicely and straight to the point. I highly recommend this course.

– M.Q.K

“Amazing advice on learning and being in the moment. Thank you.” 

– Charotte

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