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Hello there, bonjour, hola, 你好, latcho divvus.  The goal of Language Learners Journal is to help you become a more motivated, focused and productive learner by applying a holistic and more mindful approach to your learning. Language Learners Journal is written for language learners by language learners, with some support from professional linguistics, polyglots, and psychology graduates too. For more information check out the About page.

Language Learners Journal的目标是通过采用更全面的方法来学习,帮助你成为一个更有动力,更专注和更有成效的学习者。 Language Learners Journal是由语言学习者为语言学习者编写的,同时也得到了专业语言学家,多元语言学家和心理学毕业生的一些支持。

El objetivo de Language Learners Journal es ayudarlo a convertirse en un alumno más motivado, enfocado y productivo aplicando un enfoque más holístico a su aprendizaje. Language Learners Journal está escrito para estudiantes de idiomas por estudiantes de idiomas, con cierto apoyo de lingüistas profesionales, políglotas y graduados de psicología también.


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A Beginner’s Guide to Mindful Learning: How to be More Focused and Productive


My brand new book ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Mindful Learning: How to be More Focused and Productive‘ looks at how to use simple mindfulness techniques to become a more efficient learner.

FREE access to our exclusive Mindful Learning Support Group.

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Want a step-by-step guide on applying mindfulness to language learning? Check out ‘Mindful Learning: How to be More Focused and Productive (Online Udemy Course)

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