The Ultimate Guide to Language Learning Styles and Strategies

Are you learning a foreign language? Are you aware of the learning style you are currently applying? What motivates you to study a new language?  Are the strategies you are applying compatible with your learning style or even your personality?  Language learning styles and strategies are among the main factors that determine how well you... Continue Reading →

#CleartheList – October

. 十月快樂,  Schönen Oktober, Til hamingju með október, Feliz octubre, Bon octobre  Hello everyone! My gosh, this year has gone fast, and Language Learners Journal is now officially 1 years old! Thank you to my followers for all of your support over the last 12 months. Now it may be the cold and dark months, but I love... Continue Reading →

How to be More Productive in Language Learning

We are not born with a positive 'go do' mindset. It is our experiences, cultural background and religious beliefs that shape who we are as individuals. Although our genetics do have an influence on the chemical makeup of our attitude a positive outlook is actually a skill that anyone can learn! It takes hard work,... Continue Reading →

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