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Language Learners Journal’s ambition to create resources and set up events would not happen without philanthropic support. Our Patrons provide a vital source of financial support that covers a wide range of core activities and the creation of different language learning materials.

Equally important, monthly and annual support from you, and our Patrons helps to ensure that we can meet our goals of promoting language learning and raising cultural awareness. This is because you are trusting us to use the money to help make this world a little nicer, a little more understanding and a little more accepting of diversity.

The Benefits of Being a Patron

In return for their generous support, Patrons enjoy a close relationship with us and receive a number of exclusive rewards:

  • Access to private patron-only content.
  • Sneak peek of upcoming projects and behind the scenes updates.
  • Invitations to external Patron-only meetups and online hangouts.
  • Bi-annual Supporters’ newsletter to see what you have helped fund.
  • Acknowledgment on our blog, social media sites and printed materials for external events. Added to our ‘Thank You’ lists and in our annual review.
  • Advance opportunity to buy discounted tickets for our exhibitions, conferences, and events.

*There is a small charge to attend these events to help cover costs.

Visit our Patreons Page to learn more about the exclusive rewards available to our corporate members.

Erik Zidowecki

Erik Zidowecki is a computer programmer and language lover. He is a co-founder of UniLang and founder of Parleremo, both web communities dedicated to helping people learn languages. He is also the Editor in Chief of Parrot Time magazine, a magazine devoted to language, linguistics, culture and the Parleremo community.

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