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If you’re new to this site, first be sure to read about who I am and my personal background in languages and psychology. Then introduce yourself in either the comments section below or on social media.


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If you are anything like me after a while your motivation levels for learning a language will drop and you will hit that dreaded wall! It happens to the best of us. Therefore it is best to prepare yourself for this from Day One! Download my FREE handy little 28DayLanguagePlanner to help you out.


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I have selected my most popular posts below for those currently learning a new language, these are arranged in order of category.

Simple Steps

Language Learning on a Budget

10 Tips for Finding a Suitable Language Tutor

10 Quick Tips for Busy Language Learners

10 Motivational Quotes for Language Learners 

10 Ways to Get Your Learning Back on Track

10 Tips for Mindful Language Learning

10 Steps to being a More Successful Language Learner.

10 Ways to use a Bullet Journal to Improve Language Learning

20 Keywords to Get You Speaking Your Target Language From Day 1…

24 Soft Skills Required for Language Learning

Trisha Tests 

What’s ‘SULP’?

Interlinear Book Review: Reading Between the Lines…literally

Trisha Tests: Flash Academy

Glossika Review: Is Spaced Repetition the Right Method For You?

Language Learning Psychology 

How to Optimise your Brain for Language Learning

How to Manage Unhelpful Thoughts When Learning a New Language

20 Ways to Improve Language Learning Through Positive Psychology

Language Projects 

Take the 28-Day Language Learning Challenge!

10,000 Words a Day Challenge

Learning a Language in 90 Days!

Language Resources 

FREE 28 Day Language Study Planner

My Products

The Positively Productive Project 

How to be more productive in language learning

8 Ways a Positive Mindset Can Make You More Productive

25 Ways to Make a Difference

Other Posts  

10 Actionable Steps to Motivate Language Learning – JabbaJabba

First Steps – Getting Started in Languages – Language Learning Library

 Best wishes for your Language Learning Journey…

Don’t forget to introduce yourself below and let me know which language you are learning? and Any goals you have set yourself?

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