Language Learning Goals: March 2017 #Clear The List

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So I recently discovered an amazing positive language learning, ¬†goal setting network¬†hosted by a lovely lady called Lindsay of Lindsay Does Languages¬†and some of her friends. ¬†Shannon at Eurolinguiste , Kris Broholm of Actual Fluency, and Angel Pretot of French Lover. It’s called #clearthelist.¬† As I have a great love for ¬†language learning I have decided to give it ago!¬†I already set regular goals, but sharing them in a supportive network ensures accountability, increased motivation and most importantly assistance.

Last Month’s ¬†Goals:

  • Completed my day 90 video for #Add1Challenge. Where I had a conversation with a native speaker for over 15 minutes, YAY!
  • My very ¬†first ‘Live‘ video on Facebook and I decided to do it in Spanish! – Mission Completed!

This Month’s Goals:

Priority Language: Spanish Р45 Minutes Per Day, 5 days a week. 

  • Listen to at least one Spanish podcast everyday.
  • Monthly ‘Go Live’ in my Spanish.
  • Article/book to read.
  • 1/2 Italki tutorials per week.
  • Duolingo/Memrise – daily!

Mandarin Chinese – 4 hours per week

  • I run a monthly Mandarin Meetup in my local community and also host online meetups in Mandarin Chinese. If you are interested in joining us virtually please contact me and I’ll add you to our private group.
  • Italki lessons x 1 per fortnight, plus weekly language exchanges. They were on hold during my #Add1Challenge.
  • 10 minutes per day on ‘Hello Chinese

British Sign Language (BSL) Р1 to 2 hours per week 

  • Alphabet practice every morning.
  • Participate in my course.
  • USE IT or lose it!

French Р1 hour per week. 

  • Duolingo
  • Watch some movies. Any recommendations please comment below…

All of these goals are going to keep me busy, but I’m super excited to get started! I’m looking forward to seeing what I can actually accomplish with consistent language practice.

Resources I will use in March: 


  • ITalki 1-2 lessons per week
  • Immersion (My mini-me and I speak Spanish¬†at home/Social Media all set to Spanish)
  • Reading¬†articles and books in Spanish
  • Listening to Spanish¬†radio/podcasts
  • Language Transfer/Duolingo
  • Watching movies and potentially Netflix¬†in¬†Spanish
  • Language Hacking Spanish by Benny Lewis
  • Memrise
  • Glossika/Pimsleur
  • Coffee Break Spanish
  • Netflix/You Tube

Mandarin Chinese

British Sign Language (BSL) 


  • Duolingo
  • Netflix / You Tube

The Biggest Lesson I Am Taking Away from Last Month:

Putting in effort and staying motivated really does pay off. Perseverance is everything!

Set your language learning goals as a part of the Clear the List Link Up hosted by Shannon Kennedy of Eurolinguiste, Lindsay Dow of Lindsay Does Languages, Angel Pretot of French Lover, and Kris Broholm of Actual Fluency
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So what are your language learning plans for the month ahead? Do you have any recommendations? Please let me know below…


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How to Manage Unhelpful Thoughts When Learning a New Language

Sometimes when we learn a new language we can be our very own worst enemy. This can impact on our ability to learn, decrease our motivation levels and increase the risk of giving up. So what are these unhelpful thinking habits we apply and what can we do about them?

Compare and Despair

Being part of a language learning community is great! However, sometimes we might start to compare ourselves with other learners. Seeing only their progress and comparing ourselves negatively against them. In order to overcome this remind yourself that you may not know their backstory. They might have studied the language longer or they might even be thinking the same and comparing themselves to you! It is a good practice to monitor your own progress. Record videos and watch them back and regularly test yourself or keep a journal. The time spent comparing with others could be better used to learn some new vocab!

Critical Self

Saying to yourself that you can’t do this or you are not good enough is a sure way to put yourself down! However, I have news for for…there is no such word as can’t. Even if you think something is impossible then remember that ‘even impossible¬†actually says I’m possible’

Bad Learning Experiences in the Past

Remembering the¬†bad experiences we had of language learning in the past can be very off-putting. However, you can learn from the past just don’t stay too long that you start to dwell! Remind yourself ‘that this is now and that was then’. Take what you need from those memories and leave them. Things to take are the lessons learned from those negative¬†experiences. If it was the teacher or resources that did not work for you then don’t use them again. Don’t be afraid to try something new. ‘If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got’

Predicting the Future

Telling yourself that you will not meet your future targets could almost lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy! Stay in the moment and set lots of little targets that will lead to the bigger target. My current goal is to hold a conversation in Spanish for about 15 minutes in 3 months time. However, my focus is learning just a few simple sentences and keywords a day. I will then work towards my day 30 and day 60 videos before moving on to the final day 90 video. If you jump straight to the main goal you will lose sight of the little goals that will get you there.

You Should, Must and Got to be Doing This…

Actually, should, must and got to put a lot of undue pressure on us. If you miss a day of studying, just pick it up from where you left off the next day. Putting too much pressure on yourself is one way sure way to burn out quickly.

Emotional Reasoning

You have had a bad spell at learning a new language. Well just because you had a bad spell at learning a new language does not mean you are bad at it. Maybe the routine or resources you are using are¬†not working for you. Also sometimes we can be very good at talking ourselves out of things. So let’s talk ourselves into meeting set targets.

You can do this!

What negative thinking habits are you currently applying?

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Language Learning Positivity: The Kindness Matters Movement


Hey, fellow language learners! Every December since 2016 Language Learners Journal has hosted a kindness movement. We hope to make this year the biggest YET!

How Does the Movement Work?

  • For the month of December, you leave 3-5 positive and encouraging comments a week (or even a day) on the social media posts of fellow language learners.
  • Approach an established language learner¬†and ask what they have found positive about learning a new language.
  • Choose 1- 3 (or maybe more) people during December. It could be some language learners that are really struggling and need some support or have lost motivation. Show them you care by ‘paying it forward’ with resources/buy them some language learning equipment or simply share with them some advice. What will you do?
  • Have a language learning business? Is there any service you could offer pro-bono?
  • Check out our free mini-challenge 7 days of Kindness over on our Facebook Group, details below.

What is the point of this?

Showing kindness & positivity can encourage a growth mindset, give hope and improve motivation. Emotions are powerful when it comes to memory formation.

If one is stressed or sad they are less likely to be able to focus on studying. However, a simple act of kindness could really make a difference. If you are passionate about learning another language then extend that passion to others.

I look forward to seeing what positivity & kindness you will be spreading in December across the language learning communities and beyond…

For some more ideas of random acts of kindness click here.

What do you plan to do? Comment below and share your stories/photographs on social media, tagging  #KindnessMatters AND #LanguageLearnersJournal or #LanguageLJ so we can see all the positivity we are spreading.

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