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How to create an interactive language learning mood board

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Popular with designers, mood boards show where ideas for materials, colours, and themes come from. Mood boards can easily be adapted for visual language learning.  With the aid of technology, you can easily add sound clips and videos too.

The language mood board I created is for my Slovianian project. The images remind me of my WHY? Whilst the numbers are what I have recently studied and the colours are what I hope to study next. I like to learn how to describe the images in my target language and also translate my favorite quotes into the language too.

My mood board was created online for free with Canva, but I have also used a cork board in the past. The corkboard was covered with FlashStick cards that I could scan using the FlashAcademy App this would then link to a recording of a native speaker who would pronounce the word.

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Why create a mood board for language learning? 

  • Using a mood board will help you to visually express ‘you’re why‘ for learning a language.
  • A mood board is a very effective visual aid that can be linked to technology to add sound and video clips too! Given a full sensory experience to language learning!
  • A mood board can act as a good motivational factor to get things done. It will help you to collate and focus your ideas, and make language learning themes more stimulating.
  • Finally, the visual format can help memorize difficult vocabulary.

The format

A mood board could be in a digital or physical (foam/cardboard) format. Both options allow for video or audio clips to be added. For the physical option, this may mean printing off QR codes that link to online media.

The layout

It’s a one-page document to really make your own, experiment with colours, shapes, typography (fonts), sizes and different media. Many boards use a collage style. To get some inspiration visit Pinterest.

Resources for creating a mood board for language learning

Cork Board Budget, Wood Frame, 90 x 60 cm – Amazon 

A3 Foam Board – White (Pack of 10) – Amazon

Creating mood boards Adobe Creative Cloud (Free)

Creating mood boards with Canva (Free)

Why not develop a mood board for your language learning project and share with us on social media using the hashtags #LangMoBo #LanguageLearnersJournal.

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