How to Increase Your Self-Confidence and Stand Up for Yourself

Some people seem to be born with an abundance of self-confidence. Most people, however, struggle in at least one area of their lives with feelings of self-doubt and insecurity. Don’t let a lack of self-confidence keep you from enjoying all that life has to offer. By putting a few simple tips into practice, you can begin the adventure of becoming the person you long to be.


Fake It Until You Make It

It takes time and work to develop self-confidence, but while you’re working on real, substantive changes, pretend you’re an actor playing a role. This is one of the first lessons learned by those beginning a career in sales. The easiest “fix” is usually to upgrade the image others perceive.

  • Good posture is vital for both your health and self-image. Stand tall, and look straight ahead, not at the ground.
  • Dress for success. For bargains on designer clothes, find a great consignment shop, where the clothes are usually in excellent, seldom-worn condition or perhaps still have the tags attached. It makes it easier to face people when you know you’re well-dressed.
  • Consider a makeover. This can give you an astonishing boost in confidence.
  • A fitness coach can help you improve your diet and fitness level, giving you more energy and confidence.


Is Fear Holding You Back?

A lack of self-esteem is often linked to a fear of failure. Think about this for a minute. Author Gena Showalter once said, “Giving up is the only sure way to fail.” In other words, if you don’t try, you guarantee failure.

Success is usually only achieved after multiple attempts. When an actor or band is suddenly “discovered,” they’ve probably been working hard for years for little money before being noticed. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, made thousands of different bulbs before he got it right. Failure isn’t the end of the world. Don’t let it cripple you. Accept it and move on. Success is waiting for you.


Knowledge Builds Confidence

Take small steps. If you’d like to learn something new, always a great way to bolster your confidence, online universities are readily available. Study subjects that will advance your career or pursue an area you’re passionate about. When you’re ready, join a club of people who share your passion.


Believe in Yourself

How you feel about yourself determines how others feel about you. They receive visual clues from your posture and your appearance and verbal clues from your speech. Speaking more slowly can be helpful. Taking steps to bolster your image will begin to affect how others regard you.

To improve your belief in yourself, try these tips:

  • It sounds trite, but you need to pay attention to your thoughts. Negative thoughts (“I can’t do it,” “It’s too hard,” etc.) are like poison. The Power of Positive Thinking is an older book, but it’s full of useful advice. Positive thinking is crucial to confidence.
  • Know yourself. When going into battle, it’s essential to know your enemy. In this case, you’re your own enemy. Start writing a daily journal about your thoughts, fears, and aspirations. When you reread earlier entries, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve changed.
  • Be kind and generous to others. When you approve of your own actions, you feel better about yourself.
  • Think about the principles you want to live your life by, write them down and put them into action. Honor may sound old-fashioned, but honorable people are respected by others.
  • Set small goals and achieve them. Volunteer for a team at work. Join a group that interests you. Complete an online class.


While you’re working on building your self-confidence and learning to stand up for yourself, don’t forget to smile. You’ll instantly feel better about yourself and will receive smiles from others. Enjoy your life.

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Trisha Tests: Positively Icelandic #3

Stunning photograph by the very talented Jonatan Pie.

So update number 3 already –  I have to say that at the moment I am finding Icelandic harder to learn than Mandarin Chinese! It has been a slow week due to the Easter holidays, however the positive plus…I have kept going. Lots of small steps still move you forward!

Goal Seeds this week…

So this week I am planting 3 little goal seeds that I hope by the end of this challenge will be growing.

Goal Seed 1:

To work on the pronunciation of the Icelandic alphabet.

Goal Seed 2:

To find an Icelandic italki tutor and get working on vocabulary building.

Goal Seed 3:

Be able to start an introductory conversation.

What I have learnt so far…

  • Not be be afraid of scary long Icelandic words. They are really just lots of little words all brought together.
  • A brilliant Icelandic hack to use the tone of my voice to sound more fluent then I really am! Check out the video below to see how…
  • Being positive really does make you a lot more productive AND I have found it also gives me an energy boost!


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Want more advice on how to be Positively Productive in language learning?

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19 Random Acts of Kindness you can do Online


  1. Send a genuine compliment on social media to three language learners right now!
  2. Rare in the language learning community, yet unfortunately it has been heard of. If people are being negative about someone, be the one to butt in with a nice and positive message.
  3. Message online tutors or people who have made a difference in your life.
  4. Compliment someone, but not to them! Tell someone else or mention them in an indirect Tweet or Facebook message.
  5. Share overheard compliments.
  6. Send a language learner a book in their target language.
  7.  Chat with someone in your language learning community whom you haven’t talked to before.
  8. Be encouraging and inspiring.
  9. Help someone currently struggling with learning a new language.
  10. Send a video message to someone. Maybe someone who is a native of the language you are currently learning. They do say that if you say something in a person’s native language it will go to the heart!
  11. Pay it Forward! Pay a subscription fee for a language learning site, but for a random person.
  12. Remember your manners – a simple thank you will do. To those that have helped and inspired you throughout your language learning journey.
  13. Send a surprise gift! You can nominate people who have been through a rough patch via The Wee Happiness Project. Depending upon the volume of nominations, all or some of the monthly nominees will receive a card in the post along with a surprise gift. You can nominate via Facebook message.
  14. Send someone a random email with a compliment or note of thanks.
  15. Connect two people via an email/Facebook introduction.
  16. Pop a motivational ‘post it’ not in a library book!
  17. Endorse someone for languages on Linkedin.
  18. Kindness is contagious. Please share the acts of kindness you have done online on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so that others will catch the wave and ‘Pay it Forward’. Don’t forget to tag @LanguageLearnersJournal a #LanguageLearnersJournal or #KindnessMatters So we can see all the kindness you are spreading.
  19. When you hear that negative, discouraging voice in your head and feel like giving up, remember to ‘leave yourself alone’ — you deserve kindness too. So be kind to yourself, not just others!

So which one of these acts of kindness will you do today?  If you have any other ideas for spreading online acts of random kindness, then please leave a comment below or on social media. This means we can keep adding to this list of simple ways that people can pay it forward!

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