The #KindnessMatters Challenge

It’s official! The #KindnessMatters challenge has begun over on The Self-Development Hub. 

Language Learners Journal has been running kindness challenges every December since 2016! We hope to make this December the kindest one YET!  and it all begins with one Random Act of Kindness from you…

According to scientifically proven research, kindness increases oxytocin levels within the body boosting happiness and lowering blood pressure.  kindness is also contagious! Research shows that kindness builds trust, promotes cooperation, and helps bring people together. There’s no denying that one simple act of kindness can bring warmth to the the giver, the witnesses and the benefactors.

Therefore, I invite you to take part in the #KindnessMatters challenge. It’s simple, FREE and bound to make you and those around you happier.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Join the Self-Development Hub community group on Facebook, take the 7 day kindness pledge and do at least one an act of kindness every day for the next 7 days. 
  • Share a status update, a photo (selfies work great!), or video on Facebook announcing that you’re taking the challenge and tag several of your friends. Include the hashtag #KindnessMatters.
  • For the next 7 days be kind and spread positivity and happiness all around you!
  • Optional but recommended: If you’re comfortable share your stories and photographs of kindness to inspire others on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! Remember kindness is contagious!
  • Spread the word and share this challenge. At Language Learners Journal we believe that kindness matters. One kind act can lead to another and the more you share, the more people will be inspired to help us turn the world into a kinder more caring place. Tag @languagelearnersjoural in your posts and use the hashtag #kindnessmatters.

We’ll feature some of our favorite photographs, stories and ideas on our social media and in this blog post.

“Let’s show the world that kindness is everywhere when we choose to focus on it.”

~ The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

Recently there has been a mega splash of negativity occurring on social media. This can leave us feeling sad and annoyed. I believe sharing stories of kindness and attempting to do something nice for others can help tackle all this negative energy.

It does not take much to turn someone’s day into a better one. A simple smile or compliment can create a ripple that can lead to a huge impact. 

Further reading: Spreading Positivity Through Random Acts of Kindness and 18 Random Acts of Kindness you can do Online


Share your progress with the #KindnessMatter challenge in the comments.

Language Learning Positivity: The Kindness Matters Movement


Hey, fellow language learners! Every December since 2016 Language Learners Journal has hosted a kindness movement. We hope to make this year the biggest YET!

How Does the Movement Work?

  • For the month of December, you leave 3-5 positive and encouraging comments a week (or even a day) on the social media posts of fellow language learners.
  • Approach an established language learner and ask what they have found positive about learning a new language.
  • Choose 1- 3 (or maybe more) people during December. It could be some language learners that are really struggling and need some support or have lost motivation. Show them you care by ‘paying it forward’ with resources/buy them some language learning equipment or simply share with them some advice. What will you do?
  • Have a language learning business? Is there any service you could offer pro-bono?
  • Check out our free mini-challenge 7 days of Kindness over on our Facebook Group, details below.

What is the point of this?

Showing kindness & positivity can encourage a growth mindset, give hope and improve motivation. Emotions are powerful when it comes to memory formation.

If one is stressed or sad they are less likely to be able to focus on studying. However, a simple act of kindness could really make a difference. If you are passionate about learning another language then extend that passion to others.

I look forward to seeing what positivity & kindness you will be spreading in December across the language learning communities and beyond…

For some more ideas of random acts of kindness click here.

What do you plan to do? Comment below and share your stories/photographs on social media, tagging  #KindnessMatters AND #LanguageLearnersJournal or #LanguageLJ so we can see all the positivity we are spreading.

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