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Trisha Tests: Clozemaster


The Clozemaster Review: Play whilst you learn!  Recently I was asked to test Clozemaster an awesome way to learn languages via 1980s arcade style gamification.  I have heard a lot of wonderful  things about Clozemaster so I gladly accepted. As there are so many awesome features I am still testing and will update this post

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Glossika Review: Is Spaced Repetition the Right Method For You?

Recently I had the opportunity to use Glossika to learn some German. It is not the first time I have used the product as it formed part of my study routine for Mandarin and Spanish too. I am affiliated with Glossika and I did receive a free sample in order to be able to fully

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Trisha Tests: What’s ‘SULP’?

Note: For more information on the language resources in the featured photograph above click here. I am currently piloting the Step Up to Language Program, #SULP. The program will be aimed at taking my target language of Mandarin to the next level within 90 days. I am currently around  A2 and my goal is to

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