Trisha Teaches English


*** Business English for Intermediate and Advanced English Learners ***

I help busy, independent English learners to become confident English speakers.

You’ve been studying English for years but suddenly you have hit that intermediate plateau.  You don’t need to be taught any more grammar rules or enroll in any more courses. You just want to start seeing professional results…

You need some guidance and support to help you reach your goals.  You want to speak in a professional, clear and natural manner. You want to be able to confidently join in a professional conversation and give your opinion! You want more opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Professional Development + Mindfulness + 

Communication Skills = Fluency.

As a language coach, mindfulness instructor and English for Speakers of other languages teacher, I will help you to improve your fluency & confidence in professional English…

You and I both know that…

  • If you don’t practice using English, you don’t improve.
  • Grammar books don’t teach real communication skills.
  • Fluency is worthless if you don’t have the right mindset or feel confident enough to speak.

I help my students to…

  • Set & achieve attainable smart goals.
  • Improve their English for business and travel.
  • Develop the right Mindset for learning.
  • Speak confidently.
  • Communicate professionally.
  • Practice & plan academic and business presentations.

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