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Although Language Learners Journal offers lots of awesome content for free, we also have a pay as you go bespoke coaching service for language learners and our popular Language Learners Amplified Program.

In addition to the other services, we have now launched a VIP membership option that covers all subjects, not just languages and offers premium content and an exclusive global community of independent learners, students and those who are serious about rewiring their brains for success.

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We provide various ways of making sure that you feel supported in your learning. From online bespoke one-to-one coaching sessions and the Amplify Your Learning Program to our closed and private VIP Facebook Community Groups. Giving you inspiration, motivation, and accountability. We make sure that you are on the right track to achieving your goals.

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We run various webinars and LIVE Q&A Sessions for free, with the occasional guest speakers to help inspire and empower independent learning. By joining our Exclusive VIP community take part in our interactive LIVE online mindful learning classes and more…

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At language learners journal you can get access to 100s of articles written by professionals for free, but if you are interested in joining us as a VIP member? Then you will get access to Premium articles, regular podcasts PLUS discounted access to our popular bite-sized Mindful Learning Course that has lots of additional resources.


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Private Facebook Community Group: Learners Journal, VIP Edition

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Weekly podcast series

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PDF edition of Positively Productive eBook

PDF edition of Mindful Learning: How to be more focused and productive in Learning

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*One-off fee of  $140 (£99)

First, 50 people to type in code ‘earlybird‘ before 28th May will get $40 OFF!


As an online community, we mindfully empower independent learners in any subject. Given support, encouragement, inspiration, motivation, and accountability using simple mindfulness practices and scientifically proven strategies to help make you become a more efficient learner and enable your brain for success.

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