The Language Learners Journal Survey

Language Learners Journal offers a more holistic approach to language learning. Our key focus is on the 'learning to learn' aspect. If you have tried to learn a language in the past and did not succeed we look at the "whys?" If you are a language tutor with an anxious student struggling to strike up... Continue Reading →

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♥ Nominate your Favourite Language Blogs ♥

Post Updated: 16-09-17  Let's show our blogging love ♥ There are some really awesome language learning blogs out there that deserve our recognition! So every a month I do a poll from all the language learning sites nominated by our wonderful readers. The monthly winners are promoted by Language Learners and will feature in our hall... Continue Reading →

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25 Simple Ways to Make a Difference

Do you think one person can really make a difference in the world? I personally believe one person can. Here are 25 simple ways you can make a difference to others, yourself and the world... 1 Make a Better World  When someone informs me that one person can't change the world I always think back... Continue Reading →

The Complete Guide to Organising a Successful Meetup Group

Disclaimer: Meetup, Inc. has no affiliation with this guide and is not responsible for the content. For official Meetup recommendations, questions, blog posts, and forums please go to  To learn a language you need to speak it! What is the best way to do this? By Meeting other language learners and native speakers! If you... Continue Reading →

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