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Post Updated: 24-05-17  Let's show our blogging love ♥ There are some really awesome language learning blogs out there that deserve our recognition. So once a month I plan to do a poll from all the language learning sites nominated by you. The monthly winner will be promoted by Language Learners Journal.com and will feature in our... Continue Reading →

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10 Tips for Mindful Language Learning

How to learn a language with Mindfulness.


24 Soft Skills Required for Language Learning

So have you ever looked at a polyglot and thought “How did they manage to learn all those languages?” Is success in languages really only for a select few? Perhaps you look upon polyglots with jealousy or even admiration? It’s understandable. But as you’ll soon see, you to can to be an efficient language learner. This can be... Continue Reading →

Trisha Tests: What’s ‘SULP’?

Note: For more information on the language resources in the featured photograph above click here. I am currently piloting the Step Up to Language Program, #SULP. The program will be aimed at taking my target language of Mandarin to the next level within 90 days. I am currently around  A2 and my goal is to... Continue Reading →

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