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Improve focus, flow and fluency with peer support and a more mindful approach to learning languages. 

#BiLingoBoxes - is currently on hold during the lockdown period.

Like many businesses we are on hold during lockdown! BUT plan to be back in service as soon as it is safe to do so. If you ordered a box before lockdown we have them safe in storage and will be forwarding the rest of them as soon as we are able to. We apologise profusely for any delays. During this difficult period we would like to thank you for your patience. #BiLingoBoxes will be hosting free online mindful learning events on our social media channels/live study sessions. You are not alone, we are all in this together and these dark days will pass.   


"Trisha is an inspiring person with an ability to help people in a way that suits them in their learning journey. Would highly recommend Language Learners Journal to others".
Rebecca Lodge
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"I think that Trisha does a really good job of motivating people to move forward in their language learning. Her approach is positive and very refreshing. Mindful learning is an interesting concept in which I am starting to believe in more and more"
Joey Perugino
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