Trisha Tests: Language Learning via Positive Psychology


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Hello, so in my new series I will be putting things to the test. This month I am putting learning a language via positive psychology to the test. So will thinking only positive thoughts improve my language learning potential?

For the next 28 days I will be learning a language I am not familiar with! A language selected by you via a social media poll. In the past I have taken part in challenges, where the goal is to be able to have a 15 minute conversation with a native speaker in 3 months. From doing this I am aware of my baseline and it’s usually by the second month that I am able to utter at least a “Hola”, “Bonjour” or “Nin Hao”.

In this challenge I will need your help. One of the recommendations I tend to give is surrounding yourself with positive encouragement. So as part of the experiment I will need you to be my inspiration and cheerleaders. Forward me those inspirational stories and quotes.

The challenge begins on the 1st April and I would love for others to join in too! Share your own experiences either below or on my Twitter or Facebook page. Need some ideas to get you started check out 20 ways to improve language learning via positive psychology.

So time for some preliminary work  and I am checking out Dr. Happy’s advice on overcoming insecurities! Seems like a good place to start especially as I am about to go way out of my comfort zone! q

Also I have found the perfect book from Amazon called ‘Habits of a Happy Brain‘. I highly recommend it. Click the image to take you to the link.The book offers simple activities that will help you to better understand those ‘feel good, happy chemicals‘. in light of this mini experiment a boost to my serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin levels will be most welcomed.



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Clear the List: April 2017


Photo Credit: The awesome work of Thomas Tucker.

So it’s that time of the month again! No, not that time! The time when I sort my goals out and this month is going to be an exciting one…

Last Month’s Goals:

  • Priority Language was Spanish and I did manage 45 minutes per day!
  • Friday’s became my Mandarin Chinese Study day.
  • I managed to study BSL for 2 hours per week.
  • French…well I gave directions to a French tourist does that count?

This Month’s Goals:

This month I have an exciting new language learning challenge that I am taking part in! I am kick-starting Icelandic with a 28-day challenge. You can check out the full story of why here.

I am going to be fully focused on Icelandic so I will be studying no other languages for the next 28 days. This was the language that was selected by you awesome folks on social media for me to learn next. I am not familiar with this language whatsoever and will appreciate all the help and support I can get from the language learning communities.

Also this month  I am super excited to announce that I am launching my own little language learning business. I will be supporting newbie language learners via positive and cognitive psychology techniques. Sometimes we forget how to learn or the techniques we use are not efficient for us. When something does not work we run the risk of giving up. I will not let that happen, no way.

As it’s a brand new business I will be offering 20 minute motivational 1-1s on Skype pro bono!!! For more information please contact me, but there are only a limited amount of spaces.

The Biggest Lesson I Am Taking Away from Last Month:

Sometimes you just need to take a day or 2 out for reflection.

Set your language learning goals as a part of the Clear the List Link Up hosted by Shannon Kennedy of Eurolinguiste, Lindsay Dow of Lindsay Does Languages, Angel Pretot of French Lover, and Kris Broholm of Actual Fluency



1. Share your goal post whether it includes your aspirations for the month or year. Submissions unrelated to the theme or links to your homepage will be deleted.

2. Link back to this post. You can use our button code below if you wish.

3. Follow the hosts: Lindsay from Lindsay Does Languages, Shannon from Eurolinguiste, Kris from Actual Fluency and Angel from French Lover.

4. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE (this is why I have underlined it): Please visit the site of the person who linked up immediately before you and leave them an encouraging comment! By hosting this linkup, we’re hoping to create a positive community where we can all share our goals. If you do not do this, you will be removed from the linkup.

5. Share on social media using #ClearTheList.

I look forward to seeing what your goals will be this month.

 So what are your language learning plans for the month ahead? Do you have any Icelandic resources to share OR do you want to start you own 28-day learning challenge? Comment below or on one of the social media sites where I hang out… 


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Trisha to the Test…


Photograph copyright Clem Onojeghuo.

Why Hello There…

So my new series will see me experimenting on myself thus becoming my very own guinea-pig, exciting stuff!

So I am a big fan of positive psychology and use it on a daily basis…mainly to advise others.  One of my first blog posts was 20 Ways to Improve Language Learning  via positive psychology. So I intend for 28 days from 1st April (no April fools) to live (especially in relation to language learning) as positively as I possibly can and record the results.

I once read a journal regarding rice, sounds interesting I know! However, rice that heard positive comments decayed less rapidly then those subjected to nasty, angry sounding voices! Similar research has been conducted on plants with similar results. Plants that had positivity drip fed in to them bloomed and become better than the plants that didn’t. Plants also have a musical preference…classical!

Therefore I need to be positive and listen to classical music.

Once You Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones, You’ll Start Having Positive Results.

– Willie Nelson

We will see Willie, we will see. That sounded better in my head than it looks on the post! So let’s do this! Can replacing any negative thoughts that I have on language learning and life in general reap the benefits that it so promised?

My Mission 

My mission is to record the progress made in language learning when applying positive psychology. I will do this for 28 days and record the data on this blog & social media. I intend to apply this to a language that is currently unfamiliar to me as this will give me a better baseline to start with. I do not trust myself to be consistent or objective. This is where I will need your help and that of my friends and family.

qI will share my final results at the end of April 2017…although you can follow my progress right here on my blog or on Twitter / Facebook.

What language should I take on? Please comment below or on social media. The language that gets the most votes I will study. Please note voting is now over and *** drum roll please*** the language selected by you was ICELANDIC!

Time to get myself prepared and I have found the perfect book from Amazon called ‘Habits of a Happy Brain‘. I highly recommend it. Click the image to take you to the link.


If you have any language learning theories you wish me to put to the test, items or products for review then get in contact or comment below. I look forward to hearing from you…


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