Does the Temperature in the Classroom Impact Learning Ability of the Students?

Teachers, administrators, and parents all share the same common goal of providing children with the best education possible. With that said, for children to excel to their full potential, it is understood that the student’s environment plays a pivotal role in how well these children learn. It is essential for students to be comfortable while in their classrooms. This comfort comes not only from safety and security but also from the room temperature.

Studies prove classroom temperature does matter

Studies have shown that children that are exposed to a comfortable room temperature can perform better. They can understand their teacher and concentrate on their work more than those that are exposed to temperatures that are too hot or too cold. Studies have found that the ideal temperature for human beings is 22 degrees Celsius. During the investigations, children that were exposed to a classroom temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius and 17 degrees Celsius did not perform as well as those that were in a classroom of 22 degrees Celsius.

When it’s too hot

It makes perfect sense as to why the classroom that was too hot did not perform very well. When it is too hot, the human brain will automatically tell a person that they need to cool themselves down. Even when a person, such as the students, tries to ignore this fact and tries to put their entire focus on their classroom duties, part of the human brain will still be telling them that they need to cool down. Hot temperature makes people, including children, grumpy and irritable and will have a negative impact on a child’s ability to learn.

When it’s too cold

A cold classroom setting will also have a negative impact on a student’s performance. Just like when it is too hot, the human brain will know that something needs to be done about the surrounding temperature. This will have a negative impact on a child’s learning. When people are learning, they often memorize things. The memory plays a significant role in education, and an uncomfortable room temperature will impact the kid’s ability to remember things that are taught.

Let’s think about the teacher, too

An uncomfortable classroom temperature will also have a negative impact on the teacher’s ability to do his or her job and teach. We have to remember that teachers are human beings too. They need to be comfortable so that they can concentrate and prepare their lessons. This preparation helps students learn at a higher level.
It is of the utmost importance that teachers and their students are satisfied and have the proper temperature controlling equipment in their classrooms. Reach out to a professional. They have solutions to keep classrooms at the perfect temperature so that children and teachers can perform to their full potential.


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