Trisha Tests: What’s ‘SULP’?

Note: For more information on the language resources in the featured photograph above click here. I am currently piloting the Step Up to Language Program, #SULP. The program will be aimed at taking my target language of Mandarin to the next level within 90 days. I am currently around  A2 and my goal is to... Continue Reading →


Trisha Tests: Positively Icelandic #4

I have done a lot of writing and research into how having a more positive mindset can really change your life. I decided I wanted to apply this positive mindset to my own language learning, but it had to be a language I was not familiar with. So I ran a poll on social media... Continue Reading →

Trisha Tests: Positively Icelandic #1

Photograph Credit: This stunning photograph is the fabulous work of Taylor Leopold. Taken at Leopoldseljalandfoss Waterfall, Iceland. So you voted for Icelandic and I have accepted your challenge. Let's do this.... For the next 28 days using positive psychological methods, I am going to kickstart my language learning. As a guide, I will be using 20... Continue Reading →

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