Language Learners Journal Ltd has a mission to empower independent learning via a more mindful and holistic approach. This includes using positive psychological techniques, mindfulness and looking at individual well-being to enable you to become a more efficient and successful learner on online teacher…

Promotional Packages

Do you have a language learning product or service?  Do you have a blog, book or eBook on language learning?  Maybe you have a website, app or forum aimed at language learners? YES, Then Language Learners Journal has the perfect vehicle to test drive your inspiring product to a targeted audience.

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From only $5, we will promote your language learning product or service on the website(s) and social media platforms that have been created for this specific niche. We will also introduce your product to other influencers within our network. We will take the very best care of your work and see that it gets in front of those who would benefit from it the most!

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