Language Learners Journal Ltd has a mission to empower independent learning and online teaching via a more mindful and holistic approach. This includes using positive psychological techniques, mindfulness and looking at individual well-being to enable you to become a more efficient and successful learner on online teacher…

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Online Learning Coaching Sessions

If you’re learning something new, but need some support in achieving your goals and dreams…we’ll here to help you!

We can help you with…

  • Setting up and achieving your goals.
  • Bespoke online coaching sessions.
  • Overcoming obstacles and challenges in learning.
  • Using simple mindfulness practices to improve focus.
  • Stress management sessions to calm the body and regain focus.
  • Time management, organizational skills, and memory techniques.
  • Developing your mindset for successful learning.
  • Helping to create a happier, confident and more positive learner.

Preparing for Language Learning.

From £19.97

Booking Information

Learn more about our bespoke online coaching sessions and packages. 

For more information or to check out availability and/or to book take a look at our online calendar or contact us directly.

Payment can be made via Paypal. Once I have received payment I will be in contact to confirm booking arrangements.

30 Minute Online Coaching Fee

Bespoke coaching sessions for independent learners and students.


Online Tailored Session

You can select from a Mindful Learning Session, Stress Management, and Relaxation Session or a Bespoke Coaching Session for online Teachers. The tailored session also includes email support and worksheets.


Mindfulness Meditation
Photography by Natalia Michalska
*Due to time constraints coaching spaces are limited. If you would like more information or would like to discuss a booking please get in touch


Business English for Busy Professionals

Trisha is a native English speaker with a clear British accent. If it is American English that is required these may not be the lessons for you…

These lessons cover topics like writing emails, business proposals, reports and delivering presentations. Help and advice on British etiquette are also provided. Lessons can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Conversational English

From £14.95 per lesson 

Improve your conversational skills, confidence, and pronunciation with a general English lesson.

Survival English For Travel

From £14.95 per lesson

Helping English learners with their fluency and correcting basic errors in conversational English. These lessons don’t include any in

-depth grammar study.

To book a lesson please visit ClassGap

Promotional Packages

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Do you have a language learning product or service?  Do you have a blog, book or eBook on language learning?  Maybe you have a website, app or forum aimed at language learners? YES, Then Language Learners Journal has the perfect vehicle to test drive your inspiring product to a targeted audience.

“Thank you so much Trisha 🙂 She did an awesome job, over delivering on both speed and service. 100% recommended” – on

“Very timely and extremely professional! Expertise in the domain is evident! Excellent experience!” – on

From only $5, we will promote your language learning product or service on the website(s) and social media platforms that have been created for this specific niche. We will also introduce your product to other influencers within our network. We will take the very best care of your work and see that it gets in front of those who would benefit from it the most!

For more information or to order head over to Fiverr…

Motivational Speaking

If you would like to book Trisha for a professional speaking session or to run a motivational or mindfulness workshop for students or employees on or offline please contact her directly to discuss…