Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year!

We would like to wish all our subscribers, members and followers a happy holiday period and best wishes for the new year!

Thank you for your support during 2019.

We hope you reach all of your language learning goals in 2020.

Duolingo Dutch swag

This was an exciting year for Language Learners Journal. Our founder Trisha became a volunteer Global Duolingo Ambassador. We set up our first Duolingo Dutch Meetup in the community! Trisha went from an A0 to A2 level in Dutch. This was achieved by daily practice for an average of 30-40 minutes (over a hundred day period).

Parleremo Language Marathon

If you need a little boost to your language learning in the new year check out the Parleremo Language Marathon. Trisha will be taking part too – for another 100-day language learning marathon. To get her Dutch from A2 to B1 level!

The Language Learners Journal Community

The holiday period can be a sad lonely period for some. Our Facebook Group, Language Learners Journal Community is taking part in the #JoinIn campaign for anyone spending the holidays alone. We will also be active on Twitter too.

Crowdfunding Campaign: #BiLingoBoxes

In the new year we hope to launch #BiLingoBoxes, this is a Crowdfunder campaign. Supported by Back her Business from NatWest bank. The product will be a mystery box full of language learning goodies and stationery. Available in Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch or Mandarin.

You can support BiLingoBoxes by…

  • Sharing our Crowdfunder page (https://natwestbackherbusiness.co.uk/bilingo-boxes) on social media with the hashtag #BiLingo Boxes .
  • Backing our business by a donation for as little as £1+
  • Selecting one of our awesome rewards, that start from £5. The great thing with Crowfunder is you don’t just give you can get something back too!
    • Social Media Shoutouts across our network.
    • First edition BiLingoBox (from £20 for a mini-box and £34 for a regular).

Special Thanks

A special thanks to Erik Zidowecki. Director of Scriveremo Publishing, Editor in Chief Creator of Parrot Time Magazine, Parleremo and Co-Creator of the Parleremo Language Marathon. Dank u wel for everything you do for the language learning community.

What are your language learning goals for 2020?

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