Spreading Positivity Through 10 Simple Acts of Random Kindness

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It only takes one person to trigger a ripple effect and that person can be you! All it takes is a simple thank you or a comment complimenting someone’s awesome skills. A thank you letter to an Italki tutor or be the person to spark up an act of kindness when another language learner really needs it. I am encouraging people to spread some positivity in their online and offline communities. Here are some simple ways you can spread some positivity through random acts of kindness.


Gratitude – Write down a list of all the people that have supported you with your language learning. Then say a simple thank you to them. It could be an email, comment, note left on their desk or a thank you card. Better still why not record a message of thanks and email it to someone.

Pay it Forward – Speak to some of the language services you subscribe to and see if you could pay it forward. You can do this anonymously. Just leave a note to say spread some kindness.

Get a Coffee – Some of the language blogs and websites have a donate a coffee option. If people are volunteering their time to help others why not select that option next time you use that site. This blog does not have that option, unfortunately, but I am always happy to have some coffee.

Uplifting Messages – Throughout December (and beyond) leave some uplifting messages on the social media sites you use. Could be as simple as “Have a great day” or “You are doing well-learning language X

Sticky Notes – Write as above an uplifting message or a powerful motivating language learning quote. Send 5 virtual sticky notes randomly to people in your language learning community. Post some sticky notes with messages that will encourage and inspire in some random places.

Volunteer your Time! – Language teacher…give some random free lessons or start a language meetup. We did not have a Mandarin Meetup in my local area so I started one.

Giftcards – Send some virtual gift cards or some credits to a fellow language learner to help them get some more resources.

Making New Friends – Introduce yourself (maybe in your target language) and make 3 new friends, today!

Sharing Some Anon Love – We get so used to hearing about online trolls and anon hate being spread why not randomly post some lovely comments on a language learning blog anonymously.

Amazon Wishlist – See some language learning resources on a public Amazon Wishlist. Why not gift them their items.

For some more ideas check out this awesome site…




Don’t forget to share with me on social media how you have spread some positivity within the language learning community and beyond…

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