The Dutch Summer School (online): Graduation Day

The 2-week intensive digital summer school seemed to go really fast. I have to say I never thought I would enjoy learning Dutch Grammar so much! The teacher was engaging and humorous and I was lucky enough to be with such a great bunch of students. Now things are relaxing it is likely the SummerContinue reading “The Dutch Summer School (online): Graduation Day”

The Dutch Summer School (Online): Making Boerenkoolstamppot

I believe that to truly learn a language you need to engage all of your senses! One of the best ways to do this is to get into ‘De keuken’ BoerenkoolStamppot is one of the most authentic Dutch dishes that one can make! Literally translated it means ‘farmers cabbage hodgepodge‘.  I don’t know about you,Continue reading “The Dutch Summer School (Online): Making Boerenkoolstamppot”

The Dutch Summer School (Online): Day 1 -The Digital Classroom

Day 1 of the intensive Dutch Summer School and I have to say I really enjoyed it! The tutor was fun, engaging, and explained things really clearly. The international class engaged well with all activities and more importantly, everyone seemed to have a great sense of humour, which is needed, especially when learning a newContinue reading “The Dutch Summer School (Online): Day 1 -The Digital Classroom”

The Dutch Summer School (Online): Day 0

It’s Sunday! Tomorrow I will be starting an intensive 2-week Dutch learning programme. The lessons will be held on Zoom in the evening, but the real work starts today… The programme will use the ‘flipped classroom’ approach. This method of learning means you need to prepare for the lesson ahead of time. I have actuallyContinue reading “The Dutch Summer School (Online): Day 0”

#Clearthelist January 2020: The Dutch Journey Continues…

WOW it’s 2020 already!!! As a child I thought flying cars would be a thing by now and I would own one! Clearly influenced by Back to the Future! I also saw myself as being old, really old! What I didn’t see was by 2020 I would be able to order coffee in several+ languages!Continue reading “#Clearthelist January 2020: The Dutch Journey Continues…”

10 Things to Ensure a Successful Language Learning Challenge…

There are a lot of awesome language learning challenges to choose from these days. From a weekend challenge to a 26-day mini-challenge and 100-day mega language marathons. Here are 10 things you can do to ensure the successful completion of a language learning challenge… Some of the most popular challenges are Language Jam, Add 1Continue reading “10 Things to Ensure a Successful Language Learning Challenge…”