The Dutch Summer School (Online): Day 1 -The Digital Classroom

Day 1 of the intensive Dutch Summer School and I have to say I really enjoyed it! The tutor was fun, engaging, and explained things really clearly.

The international class engaged well with all activities and more importantly, everyone seemed to have a great sense of humour, which is needed, especially when learning a new language. 

The online summer school is a bit different from the regular offerings. The lessons are split up into 2 smaller lessons of 2 academic hours and the class sizes are slightly smaller with 12 in a class.

How does the summer school work online? 

The online Summer School is operating via the Zoom platform. I have to say as an educator myself the tutor makes good use of the technology and the class is very well organised. There is a great mixture of interactive exercises, focused group discussions, PowerPoint Presentations, and great use of the interactive whiteboard.

I’ve been in some online classes where the teachers/trainers just lecture you and you don’t really feel part of anything. This is certainly not the case at the Dutch Summer School. The best part of today was the conversation practice. 

Normally I leave online training sessions or long Zoom Meetings with a headache or information overload. This did not happen today! I left the online class feeling energised, ready for the ‘huiswerk‘ and looking forward to the next ‘les

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