18 Random Acts of Kindness you can do Online


  1. Send a genuine compliment on social media to three language learners right now.
  2. Very rare in the language learning community, yet unfortunately it has been heard of. If people are being negative about someone, be the one to butt in with a nice and positive message.
  3. Message online tutors or people who have made a difference in your life.
  4. Compliment someone, but not to them! Tell someone else or mention them in an indirect Tweet or Facebook message.
  5. Share overheard compliments.
  6. Send a language learner a book in their target language.
  7.  Chat to someone in your language learning community whom you haven’t talked to before.
  8. Be encouraging and inspiring.
  9. Help someone currently struggling with learning a new language.
  10. Send a video message to someone. Maybe someone who is a native to the language you are currently learning. They do say that if you say something in a person’s native language it will go to the heart!
  11. Pay it Forward! Pay a subscription fee for a language learning site, but for a random person.
  12. Remember your manners – a simple thank you will do. To those that have helped and inspired you throughout your language learning journey.
  13. Send a surprise gift! You can nominate people who have been through a rough patch via The Wee Happiness Project. Depending upon the volume of nominations, all or some of the monthly nominees will receive a card in the post along with a surprise gift. You can nominate via Facebook message.
  14. Send someone a random email with a compliment or note of thanks.
  15. Connect two people via an email/Facebook introduction.
  16. Endorse someone for languages on Linkedin.
  17. Kindness is contagious. Please share the acts of kindness you have done online on either Facebook or Twitter so that others will catch the wave and ‘Pay it Forward’ Tag #languagelearnerspositivitymovement or #LLP AND #LanguageLearnersJournal or LanguageLJ So we can see all the kindness we are spreading.
  18. When you hear that negative, discouraging voice in your head and feel like giving up, remember to ‘leave yourself alone’ — you deserve kindness too. So be kind to yourself, not just others!

So which one of these acts of kindness will you do today?  If you have any other ideas for spreading online acts of random kindness, then please leave a comment below. This means we can keep adding to this list of simple ways to pay it forward!


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Want to be more positively productive in your language learning? Check out the  Positively Productive Project

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