10 Awesome Icelandic Resources

Are you learning or wanting to learn Icelandic?

Create a new Bookmarks Folder on your device entitled ‘Icelandic‘, because here are ten awesome resources that have really helped me and I hope they will help you too…


Online Icelandic Courses from the University of Iceland!I recommend this as a starting point. The courses go from beginner right up to C1 Level!

2 Omniglot


No Matter the language you know Omniglot will have your back covered!

3 Video Lessons on YouTube


Video lessons of Icelandic

4 Memrise


Icelandic Courses by Memrise.

5 Icelandic Language Course


ALL Scandinavian languages can be found on this site!

6 Icelandic Pronunciation Dictionary


7 Icelandic Alphabet and Pronunciation


8 Icelandic Radio


9 Icelandic Resources


Essential Icelandic phrases.

10 Learn Icelandic Now!


Encouragement from another blogger who has studied Icelandic. With links to even more FREE resources!

Do you know of any other Icelandic resources. Comment below…

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