The Language Learners Journal Survey

Language Learners Journal offers a more holistic approach to language learning. Our key focus is on the ‘learning to learn’ aspect. If you have tried to learn a language in the past and did not succeed we look at the “whys?” If you are a language tutor with an anxious student struggling to strike up an initial conversation with a native speaker we look at the “hows?“. However, we would like your support to tell us the “Whats“.
We created Language Learners Journal for YOU! 
What would you like to see MORE of?
What resources would you like us to use, i.e. apps, digital courses, face-to-face training sessions?
What do we need to do to support you in language learning to help you achieve your goals?
What feedback do you have so we can grow our site and best support YOU.
Please complete the survey it only takes a few minutes of your time. Your feedback is really important to us. It is anonymous so please be honest and provide constructive criticism. The results from the feedback will be posted in October.

Thank you!

Language Learners Journal Survey

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