The Take Action Calendar for Language Learners

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This 28 day Take Action Calendar for Language Learners from Language Learners Journal (LLJ) has daily suggested activities and prompts to enable you to take personal responsibility for your language learning whilst spreading a little kindness around too ❤️

You can download The Take Action Calendar for Language Learners PDF here so you can print it OR right-click on the photograph below, save it and set it as a screensaver for the next 28 days!

The Take Action Calendar for Language Learners.

Chinese Version PDF: 采取行动 日历 对于 语言 学习者

Spanish Version PDF: El Tomar AcciÓn Calendario para idioma estudiantes

Good luck!

The calendar is a work in progress and there are plans to translate it into different languages. If you have any ideas for future activities or a language you would like to see it translated into please get in touch. The next calendar will be released in September.

Share your actions with us on social media with the hashtag #TAC and #LLJ. I look forward to seeing your progress. Please pass this post on to help and inspire other language learners. Thank you 😘

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Become fluent in any language! Visit

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