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Language Learners Journal is a social enterprise passionate about promoting the positive benefits of language learning and helping learner’s become more productive and confident. One of the best ways to be more motivated and productive is to join a language learning challenge. It not only helps to keep you focused but increases accountability too. Not to forget the support network and friendships that can develop and even help with social isolation. If you want to kick-start your language learning or get back into the swing of things check out the challenges below and join the ones that are right for you.

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Founded by a guy called Brian, The #Add1Challenge is now a few years old and uses a proven process that produces breakthrough results for language learners around the world. Each aspect of the Add1Challenge is based on the psychology of motivation and accountability. We hit each personality and learning type, so no matter who you are, the Challenge will help you study more consistently, overcome fears, and speak your target language. The challenge is now hosted by the very capable Benny Lewis and that amazing lass behind Eurolingusitic. There is a fee to take part in this challenge, but having done the challenge few times myself it is worth EVERY penny!

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5 Days Language Learning Challenge 

62bb6fd0-2c28-4e8d-b9a3-637b0c631072.pngAre you learning SpanishItalianFrench or English as a foreign language?
Are you sometimes struggling with your learning and getting a bit frustrated?

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to study the language you love?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, the 5 Days Language Learning Challenge is for you!

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Exposure 10,000 Words-a-Day Challenge

Feeling brave?10,000 Words a Day Challenge (1)

A homegrown challenge from Language Learners Journal. Expose yourself to 10,000 words-per-day for 28 days straight! It can be written or read. You do not have to understand what you are hearing or even be able to read what you see, but it is all about deep exposure and developing your ear and eye for foreign languages.

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28 Day Language Learners Challenge

what to do

What Can You Achieve in 28-days?

Travelling to another country, needing to learn a new language or brush up on an old one for business or just for fun? Then take the ‘28-Day Language Learning Challenge!’ to boost your language learning. It’s Free just post weekly updates with the hashtag

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The Step Up Languages Program #SULP

Wanna up your language learning to the next level? #SULP is a more intense version of the Add 1 Challenge. It offers both a FREE and paid version. It is awesome that it offers a free session as language learning can be expensive. I have taken part in the free version and highly recommend it if you are wanting to step it up a level in your language learning.

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FREE and FEE-Based Options Available 


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