Trisha Tests: Language Learning via Positive Psychology

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Hello, so in my new series I will be putting things to the test. This month I am putting learning a language via positive psychology to the test. So will thinking only positive thoughts improve my language learning potential?

For the next 28 days I will be learning a language I am not familiar with! A language selected by you via a social media poll. In the past I have taken part in challenges, where the goal is to be able to have a 15 minute conversation with a native speaker in 3 months. From doing this I am aware of my baseline and it’s usually by the second month that I am able to utter at least a “Hola”, “Bonjour” or “Nin Hao”.

In this challenge I will need your help. One of the recommendations I tend to give is surrounding yourself with positive encouragement. So as part of the experiment I will need you to be my inspiration and cheerleaders. Forward me those inspirational stories and quotes.

The challenge begins on the 1st April and I would love for others to join in too! Share your own experiences either below or on my Twitter or Facebook page. Need some ideas to get you started check out 20 ways to improve language learning via positive psychology.

So time for some preliminary work  and I am checking out Dr. Happy’s advice on overcoming insecurities! Seems like a good place to start especially as I am about to go way out of my comfort zone! q

Also I have found the perfect book from Amazon called ‘Habits of a Happy Brain‘. I highly recommend it. Click the image to take you to the affiliate link. The book offers simple activities that will help you to better understand those ‘feel good, happy chemicals‘. In light of this mini experiment a boost to my serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin levels will be most welcomed.



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6 thoughts on “Trisha Tests: Language Learning via Positive Psychology

  1. Hey! OMG I love this idea! I’m a psychology student, so seeing someone using it to improve language learning is just way beyond cool! So yeah, just wanted to say how amazing it sounds and I really hope that in the end it’s gonna be beneficial. Are you gonna use the 20 ways from the other post?
    Best of luck,

    P.s.: Yayy, I’m so excited!

    1. Hey Pannfarkas. I LOVE psychology, but then I am biased as it is what I studied at Uni too. I will be using that blog as my guide, plus some advice from the fabulous Dr Happy. There should be a link to his blog within the article.

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